Credit Suisse bond BAIL-IN proves the entire western financial system is a grand CON

Credit Suisse bond BAIL-IN proves the entire western financial system is a grand CON | Mike Adams

(Natural News) Based on the combination bail-in / bail-out that just took place on an emergency basis in Switzerland yesterday, we now know that the entire western financial system is a grand con. They will change the rules at any moment and steal your money, just like they did to Russia in 2022 by seizing $300+ billion in Russian deposits held at western central banks. Yesterday, as part of the panicked, illegal bailing out of Credit Suisse, they wiped out US$17 billion in AT1 (tier-1) bonds, leaving the bond holders high and dry.

As CNBC reports, “The $17 billion wipeout of Credit Suisse bondholders has not gone down well in Europe.”

One section of Credit Suisse’s bondholders is set to be wiped out following the struggling bank’s takeover by UBS, causing them to see investments worth 16 billion Swiss francs ($17 billion) become worthless. The Swiss regulator FINMA announced Sunday that the so-called additional tier-one bonds, which are widely regarded as relatively risky investments, will be written to zero as part of the deal.

Meanwhile, the actual shareholders of Credit Suisse were able to keep most of their assets intact because they received UBS shares in exchange. And the entire deal was carried out illegally, in violation of Swiss laws, by skipping the required Credit Suisse shareholder vote.

The message to the financial world is crystal clear: Your money isn’t safe in any western bank, not in Europe, America, Canada or anywhere. It’s not even safe in “systemically important” banks, because governments will simply change the rules without notice, completely outside the law, and they will steal your bonds, your deposits and your shares to keep their own authoritarian regimes in power while gutting investors.

It’s easy to see where this goes now, and it’s a total wipeout of the western financial system

I recently interviewed Andy Schectman (see below), and he explains that this looks a lot like a kind of controlled demolition of the banking system in order to create the perfect narrative for rolling out CBDCs — the end game of total government surveillance, tracking and enslavement of the masses.

To roll out CBDCs, they first have to destroy all commercial banks. Then the governments of the world plan to ride to the rescue with their digital money systems that represent the final nail in the coffin of human freedom. If this plan proceeds, nearly every western bank will destroyed, leaving behind only a few globalist banks (JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, etc.) that will enforce the transition to CBDCs.

As part of this process, banks are essentially being nationalized right now, just like we recently saw with SVB and Signature Bank. Three banks failed in the United States recently, and the government FDIC took them all over. The Credit Suisse bailout involved a $100+ billion bailout liquidity injection from the Swiss government, yet their dishonest, communist leaders falsely claim, “This isn’t a bailout.”

What’s next, will they claim, “This isn’t communism?” Because that’s the plan.

Listen to today’s audio podcast below, followed by four interviews with top money and finance experts who reveal the truth about the global banking crisis now unfolding.

Summary of today’s podcast episode:

– The Credit Suisse BAIL IN wipes out $17 billion in bond value
– Swiss government liquidity adds BAIL OUT factor to UBS acquisition
– Global financial crisis began in crypto, moved to Silicon Valley and spread to Europe
– The entire western financial system is headed for catastrophe
– Janet Yellen says the government will CHOOSE which banks survive and which ones fail
– Only the WOKE banks will be bailed out in order to keep WOKE startups alive
– Most SVB startups were focused on WOKE topics like climate change
– All deposits and financial instruments have counter party risk
– Only things you physically control have no counter party risk:
– Gold, silver, land, food, ammo, etc.
– Where to hide your gold with certainty that no one will mess with it
– As the collapse accelerates, people will become even MORE desperate
– As the banks fail, chaos will prevail

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