Vaccine Genocide • Adjust, Help + Prepare Accordingly

Vaccine Genocide • Adjust, Help + Prepare Accordingly

Dylan Eleven •

The vaccine genocide has just begun and it is getting worse. We need to help the vaccinated in an attempt to stop the deaths, and deal with the reality of the deaths we cannot prevent.

We must act now, adapt, adjust and prepare for how bad it will get.

In two years they have injected 5 billion people with a killer time bomb covid vaccine.  So far this action of genocide has killed over 13 million people and injured many millions more. This number is increasing exponentially.  

The vaccine injuries and deaths are coming in different ways:  Destruction of the immune system, turbo cancers and sudden deaths from stroke or heart issues.

They have destroyed the old world already, we can not just simply go back to how it was in 2019, because 5 billion people have physically been altered.

They can’t go back.  It will not be the same as before.  Therefore we need to adapt to this reality and rethink how we operate in the world moving forward.

We need to take every aspect of the human existence before 2019, input a new set of variables and write a new protocol for all of these aspects.

The world has changed forever.  So must we.

To illustrate this point here is a few examples of how things have changed and how we must adapt accordingly:

Example 1 •   Vaccidents

The auto and transportation industries are built on the assumption that most people don't just die suddenly while driving.   We are already seeing people die suddenly while driving due to stroke or heart attack, causing accidents.  

Obviously this has huge ramifications for the auto industry and for all transportation or heavy equipment operation in general.  As this video illustrates; any vehicle or heavy machinery operated by a vaccinated person has the heightened potential for disaster if that person drops dead while operating it.

Vaccient | Vaccine Induced Auto Accident

Vaccinated compromised pilots are dropping dead while in flight.   Air travel and anyone under a plane is at risk of disaster.

We must re think this entire system.

First will come the insurance premiums. The insurance industry always looks ahead and they are the first to adapt to upcoming trends.  It is my opinion that the have not banned all vaccinated drivers from getting insured or at least cranked up their premiums yet, because they have been paid off by the covid perpetrators not to cause unwanted attention to the problems with the vaccine.  But they will soon have to adjust their premiums or they will go broke.

Design and safety features in vehicles will have to be changed.  If someone dies while driving the car should sense the lack of heart beat and bring the car to a stop.

Or will they have to simply ban all vaccinated from driving or operating heavy machinery.   Maybe that was their plan all along.

The bottom line is we cannot go back to a new normal because the vaccinated are not the same.  The potential for incident due to a vaccinated driver who died suddenly, has changed the dynamic of motor vehicle operation.

Example 2 • Murder

The vast vaccine injury may play a role in murder cases.  Both on the side of covering up murder/s, and false accusations of murder.

If the majority of people are dropping dead from the vaccine, it will become so commonplace that if someone was suddenly gone, many would not question it.  Chalking up their sudden demise or disappearance to just another vaccine casualty.  This may aid in people or corporations getting away with murder.

On the other side, this could fuel false accusations of murder.  A simple push and shove disagreement could find one of the persons heart rate increase, and if they drop dead, it looks like the other person in the argument pushed them over and they hit their head and died resulting in a manslaughter or murder charge.

Example 3 • Helping The Vaccinated

The vaccinated must be told the truth.  Then they can accept the truth and deal with the ramifications of their injection.

All doctors and anyone who has injected this killer vaccine will also have to face a legal trial for their actions.  If they did not provide informed consent, they are complicit in the vaccine genocide.

The remaining unvaccinated and/or staff who refused to vaccinate people must stop the shots being administered, admit the damage the vaccines have caused and start treating patients for vaccine injuries.  All vaccinated people should be tested for signs of issues.

Most wont get tested because they are still asleep to the danger the injection may cause them and others around them.

The only way we can help the vaccinated is if the truth comes out that they have been duped and need to seek assistance.  Their blissful ignorance is not going to end up being in their best interests.

They need to seek help and help must be provided.  Right now it is the opposite.  The doctors won’t admit the vaccines are killing and they are not doing what they can to save the vaccinated.

We need to reverse the damage these vaccines have done. We need to fix the walking dead problem. We also need to prepare our systems to anticipate problems from people who die suddenly from the vaccines.

Defibrillators are being installed everywhere now.   This is a start.  Does everyone need to start carrying them in our cars like we do with jumper cables?.   This is the sort of adaptation we need to implement in every aspect of life.

The World Is Not The Same, Adjust Accordingly

With mass amounts of people dropping dead suddenly, the world is no longer the same.  

We must keep an eye out for incoming cars out of control, when in a vehicle, walking down the street, or on your front lawn.   You can’t just trust that people will stay in their lane or stop at a light.  They may have already checked out.

We are in a completely different world that has never been experienced. We have never had a potential 5 billion walking dead problem, most of whom are not even aware they have a potential issue.

As the main image in this article illustrates; The new normal may be to have people pay for their meals before eating them, or many waitresses will be stuck with the bill.

Everything is affected by the vaccinated getting a dangerous shot.

Will the vaccinated be allowed or able to fly solo, drive, go on a roller coaster, have sex, run up a hill, do any heavy physical exercise or labor?  

Will they wake up in time to try and save themselves?

Will they ever stop these killer vaccines?

Can we change the world to adjust for the walking dead?

The answer is yes to all of these.  

But we need to make it happen.  We need to awaken, admit, help, act, adjust and adapt now.