PSYOP-23 Bird Flu Edition: Here They Go Again • Do Not Comply

PSYOP-23 Bird Flu Edition: Here They Go Again • Do Not Comply

The criminals that brought us the PSYOP-19 “pandemic” and associated slow kill bioweapon injections have been diligently seeding a trio of “viral” PSYOP-23 followup scenarios.

They can go with the Marburg option:

The Mockingbird MSM outlets have just been tapped on their proverbial shoulders to ramp up the “pandemic” outbreak fear mongering. This substack has previously covered potential virus outbreak narratives ranging from Monkeypox to Ebola to Marburg: With all of the various other psyops currently in play, and the growing backlash to all things DEATHVAX™ and…

Or the ebola option:

This substack has been closely monitoring the Ugandan Ebola outbreak as a possible setup for the next “pandemic” with the caveat that unlike PSYOP-19 if this virus were to in fact become a bonafide outbreak, then the global death rate would this time around actually increase significantly…

Or they may just deploy the latest H5N1 bird flu program.

Geert Vanden Bossche, who predicted antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), turbo cancers and surging mortality from the C19 DEATHVAX™, has also been warning about the leaky “vaccines” incessently administered to chickens such that they would develop a super strain H5N1 (SS-H5N1).

These One World Government criminals and their partners in crime like the WHO, UN, WEF, CIA, DoD, Pentagon, Gates, et al. want to induce SS-H5N1 not only as justification to destroy millions upon millions of chickens, thus putting further pressure on food supply chains (PSYOP-FAMINE and PSYOP-HYPERINFLATION), but to have SS-H5N1 transmit more efficiently to humans.

And what better environment to introduce SS-H5N1 then one where the humans are genetically modified, and as such are struggling with compromised immune systems?

It is no accident that both C19 and the “vaccines” have HIV and TB gain-of-function insertions. And it will be no “coincidence” when the mRNA bird flu “vaccine” is rolled out with similar insertions; in other words, the ultimate bio-eugenics combination “therapy” that will make the poisonous bivalent booster look absolutely benign.

The minor inconvenience is that the current bird flu strains have little virulence, for now…

Reuters just yesterday has a timely article praising the BigPharma “vaccine” makers working on a bird flu vaccine.

TASS recently reported a Bird Flu outbreak in a Ukrainian war zone — how incredibly convenient to merge PSYOP-23 with PSYOP-WW3.

Thailand Medical, which is often early in reporting medical outbreaks, asked if this is true due to leaks from Ukrainian bioweapons labs (funded and set up by the CIA, DoD, et al.), or perhaps just Russian propaganda.

The Tass article has now been noted on Twitter by a European Professor of Comparative Pathology.

Local news reports are now repeating the Reuters article to disseminate more widely the Vaccine Industry message that they are working to save us all from these future pandemics.

Just like when hardly anyone was succumbing to COVID until the murderous hospital protocols were instituted along with the prevention of early treatment as the seasonal flu magically disappeared for the first time ever, it took the DEATHVAX™ to get excess mortality surging, expect the same with a future bird flu “outbreak.”

And if that is not enough bioweapon fuckery, then we also have the CCP’s (i.e. CIA’s) bonus fourth “ethnic specific” option to consider — given China’s great love for black and brown people and their slow takeover of the African continent, this should come as no surprise:

Between the ongoing bioterror Crimes Against Humanity, the developing PSYOP-MARKET-CRASH and the various other psyops and false flags in play, more and more people are waking up and refusing to comply with illegitimate governments, institutions, installed politicians and the various embedded “experts.”

As the great awakening builds momentum, the sociopathic technocrats grow increasingly desperate, and become increasingly dangerous.

Do NOT comply.

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