The Twin Attack on Liberty from Technocracy and Transhumanism

The Twin Attack on Liberty from Technocracy and Transhumanism


Janet Levy

From the cover depicting two skulls of engraved metal fused into a diabolical Janus to its 13 ominous chapters, Patrick M. Wood's latest book — The Evil Twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism — is a scary read.  

It "presents a high-altitude view of many complex topics to give the reader an understanding of the forces shaping the world today."  It also gives a dire warning: "Those who claim to be the sole designers of our future will rob us of all our rights to that future and in that future.  If we let them get away with this, their victory will be final and there will be no return."

Wood, who has been studying globalization stratagems for 45 years, says we are being herded into an Orwellian future by technocracy and transhumanism, two forces united in scientism and enslaved to the globalist pursuit of the Great Reset.  The first, the older force, aims to re-engineer society by destroying Western civilization.  The second — an ally that has gathered immense power of late through advances in the convergent sciences of biotech, nanotech, infotech, and cognitive science (NBIC) — aims to re-engineer humans, modifying genes and merging every individual with technology.  The operating premise is that humankind is unsuited for the global transformation that must take place, so a 2.0-version "master race," subservient nevertheless to the ruling elite, must be created.

Technocracy, Wood explains, was first recognized as a replacement for capitalism during the Great Depression (1929–39).  A group at the progressive Columbia University posited that science could transform the prevailing economic structure by completely and efficiently managing all resource production and consumption.  This belief was an extension of scientism, the hubristic and ultimately destructive ideology that science is the best or only way to render the truth about the world and reality.  Though they didn't use the term "Great Reset" then, they believed that it was inevitable and essential.

Since then, technocracy has been repackaged many times.  In 1973, American banker and internationalist David Rockefeller set up the Trilateral Commission, committed to the New International Economic Order — i.e., multilateralism and global governance through technocracy.  In 1992, at the U.N.'s First Earth Summit, it was relabeled Sustainable Development.  The 178 countries in attendance adopted Agenda 21, a treaty calling for eventual control of all global resources in a common trust.  Land, for instance, would no longer be privately owned; ownership and control would be vested with institutions.  Such radical changes, it was hoped, would cause a new economic order to emerge from free-market capitalism.

The document for translating Agenda 21 into reality, also presented at the summit, was the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).  It emphasizes that biodiversity is not just about animals, plants, microbes, and their ecosystems, but also about people's need for food security, medicine, fresh air and water, shelter, and a clean and healthy environment.  This multilateral treaty — not ratified by the U.S. — calls for conserving biodiversity, using resources sustainably, and fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising from genetic resources.  Agenda 21 has since been updated to Agenda 2030 and the CBD to the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework, which encourages digital sequencing and databasing of all species as a global common asset available for licensing to biotech companies.

Behind the avowedly benign documentation lies a degree of scientific complexity and specialization allowing technocrats and the elite who control them to overrule politicians, nations and the will of the people.  As Wood puts it, if sustainable development is a bird, its two wings are the U.N. and the World Economic Forum (WEF), both of which have declared war on capitalism as we know it.  The U.N. creates common legal frameworks through treaties and MOUs; the WEF elite contrive problems and provide so-called solutions that boost corporate profit by trillions.  A prime example was using the pandemic to showcase the "vulnerabilities of the global economic architecture, worsening social and economic inequalities," and pave the way for "reimagining the planet."

The technocracy, Wood says, is in an "all out world war with nation-states" and will eventually "disband or neuter" every legislature to "administer a scientific dictatorship."  Great Reset, Build Back Better, Green New Deal, or any other appellation du jour — the ultimate aim is a "scientifically" run world shorn of politics, with the elite managing an economy in which, for ordinary people, there's no private property, no wealth accumulation, no freedom.

Last year, says Wood, the "complete capitulation of the U.S. government to worldwide transhumanism" occurred: President Biden signed an executive order — the National Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiative — mandating a "whole of government" approach to advance biotech to achieve "our societal" goals.  Both the U.N. and the WEF promote transhumanism, and with Biden's signature, the U.S. has aligned itself with those goals.  As visualized by their charlatan philosopher and high priest David Pearce, these are as follows: "If we want to live in paradise, we will have to engineer it ourselves.  If we want eternal life, then we'll need to rewrite our bug-ridden genetic code and become god-like."

Technocrats — who see the world as a giant factory, with resources and labor controlled through social engineering — hope to create that efficient paradise of minimal input, maximal output by conditioning human behavior from a young age.  The theory is, change the environment, and behavioral change will follow.  Then monitor behavior to shape it further.  As a first step, withdraw basic necessities to create social instability and foster new habits.  Then monitor and shape behavior through centralized control and surveillance, a reality now that all devices connected in an IoT-5G world, allowing for real-time data-harvesting and analysis.  In this feudalistic scientific dictatorship, every layer of government will be removed from society, and private property will be eliminated; from cradle to grave, all goods and services will be provided from a single source or oligarchic cluster.  The pandemic induced food, water, and energy shortages, and the exploitation of the panic by non-elected "experts" gave us a taste of the theory in action.

Globalists hope to achieve control through the convergent sciences, which they consider the Holy Grail of transhumanism.  Respecting no boundaries of sovereignty or individual rights, they regard DNA as available for manipulation.  Ultimately, the DNA of all living entities will be sequenced and evolution hijacked through gene manipulation and the use of wearable and implantable technology.  All life forms, including humans, will be gene-hacked to suit the future the globalists envision.

Wood attributes the widespread acceptance of the technocrats and transhumanists' ideas to propaganda — the deception, manipulation, and conditioning of subjects to adopt positions and act in ways they normally wouldn't.  Skillfully deployed through control of media (especially social media), it gets people to reason and arrive at predetermined conclusions in tune with the globalist agenda.

Other psyops include the nudge, mass formation, and crafting the narrative.  Nudging involves exploiting cognitive biases to steer targets toward a behavioral outcome without the knowledge of subjects.  Mass formation is a kind of self-hypnosis — catalyzed by isolation, lack of social bonds, a sense of meaninglessness, anxiety, and frustration — that destroys self-awareness and clear thinking.  And a carefully crafted narrative, repeated many times, becomes normalized in people's consciousness with a high likelihood of acceptance.  All three techniques have had success, for instance, in perpetuating the "climate change" hoax and in achieving compliance during the pandemic.

The globalist agenda, whose chief instruments are technocracy and transhumanism, is a multi-pronged attack on humanity — a war on food, health, energy, currency, media, culture, and free-market capitalism, which respects individuals and rewards endeavor, innovation, and excellence.  This assault must be repelled if freedom and liberty are to survive.  Wood, despite the scary scenario he presents, is optimistic.  If we all act together, he believes, resistance will not be futile.

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