Top 11 PRIORITIES for America in order to save the Republic

Top 11 PRIORITIES for America in order to save the Republic  /  S.D. Wells

(Natural News) When the word infrastructure comes up, one is likely to think of roads, bridges, and schools being repaired or built up to further the functionality of the nation, but there’s another type of infrastructure that’s completely falling to pieces, and it has to do with ethics, morals, common sense, honesty, and election integrity in this country. America was founded on the Constitution and faith in God. That’s why the saying, “In God We Trust” is even printed on the money. But, things have changed. Now that the USA is experiencing a second communist POTUS (Obama then Beijing Biden), all morals are being flipped upside down, rights to free speech and press are being flushed down the toilet, and the infrastructure of functionality is being crippled, on purpose, by the powers that be in Washington D.C.

Somehow Beijing Biden got 80,000,000 votes, even though every campaign event he threw had fewer people attend than a bad middle school basketball game on a rainy day. Somehow, peaceful US citizens are in jail (without a trial) for over two years for protesting a crooked election, while violent criminals from Antifa and Black Lives Matter walk the streets after destroying property, businesses, and lives protesting staged events.

Somehow, US citizens are supposed to support Ukraine, where the leaders are corrupt Nazi sympathizers, and send them all of our money and weapons, while the USA crumbles from inflation, supply chain issues, lack of proper military defense, and a demented leader who molests children at his speaking events.

From the Trump-Russia collusion hoax and Climate Change Ponzi scheme to the Plandemic itself, it’s just one Democrat-led scam after another

After Hitlery “Crime Family” Clinton lost in 2016, mainstream media splattered election denial headlines everywhere for 4 years straight. Every talk show that was the main theme. Actors held the bloody fake head of a guillotined Trump and called for his assassination outright, with no prosecutions for it, anywhere at all. Why isn’t this clown “comedian” in jail while the January sixers suffer?

Now, if someone so much as says the date “January 6th,” they are put in jail without the right to an attorney, trial, judge or jury (or a fixed jury if they get one), and they’re called “domestic terrorists” who suffer from election denial and who violently protest (walk peacefully with police escorts) through a government building.

Today, if any extreme natural weather event happens, which have been happening since the dawn of time, it’s called “global warming” or “climate change,” and the Democrats demand that all US-based humans stop driving fueled cars, stop using gas stoves, and give all their money to billionaire globalists who travel in their gas-fueled private jets and gas-guzzling yachts to give speeches around the globe on how to save the world from carbon pollution. Here’s a meme the Dirty Dems won’t like.

Here are the top 11 priorities for America to fix starting right now in order to save the Republic from total collapse

#1. Stop the Steal – As Governor DeSantis accomplished in Florida, we need to ensure voter fraud does NOT happen again, nationwide — especially in the swing states

#2. Stop WWIII – which is already underway

#3. Stop printing money (that the politicians embezzle anyway)

#4. Protect the Constitution (free speech, free press, freedom of religion, etc.)

#5. Prevent another plandemic from crippling everyone’s freedoms [stop the covid vaccines and prosecute all who pushed them]

#6. Empower truth media

#7. Prevent Big Government from taking American hostages that are “dissidents” who disagree with the (false) narratives and protest peacefully (and free the Jan. 6 captives)

#8. Rebuild the supply chain so we can rely on domestic businesses mostly

#9. End the “Green Energy” and “Climate Change” scams and fiascos

#10. Prosecute (jail) the traitors of this country, including the communists in Washington DC and the globalists who are trying to destroy the Republic (Gates, Soros, Fauci, etc)

#11. End the “Cancel Culture” War that tries to embed CRT (critical race theory as reverse racism), gender fluid perversions, drag queen culture, and trans-predators into daycare, elementary, middle and high schools everywhere.

Avoid the clot shots, stand up for your Constitutional rights, protect your land and guns, and for God’s sake, keep the faith.

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