Hemorrhagic Strokes (Brain Bleeds) In Young People • Brain Blood Vessel Damage Caused By COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Spike Protein Or Turbo Cancer

Hemorrhagic Strokes (Brain Bleeds) In Young People • Brain Blood Vessel Damage Caused By COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Spike Protein Or Turbo Cancer

16 Tragic Stories

Dr. William Makis MD

Pulaski County, KY - 17 year old high school football player Andrew Dodson died from a brain bleed Apr.3, 2023

17 year old football player Andrew Dodson was “participating in a scrimmage where he was injured”. “He was participating in a normal football action. He got tackled and hit his head on the ground.” (click here)

Detroit, MI - 25 year old Alona White died of brain bleed 5 days after giving birth to her 2nd child on March 13, 2023

Family, mother, Detroit, daughters, dead, White, Alona, Michigan

The sudden and tragic loss of Alona White, a 25-year-old Michigan mother, has left her family searching for answers. “She was 25, perfectly healthy.” (click here)

Georgia - 21 year old University student Liza Burke had a brain bleed on March 10, 2023 while on vacation in Mexico

I wrote a substack article about this girl’s brain bleed. (click here)

It turns out she may have a turbo cancer: “a grade 4 astrocytoma glioma, a malignant & aggressive tumor located on brain stem that grows rapidly.” (click here)

UK - 13 year old girl Julia Chavez died from a brain bleed caused by new leukemia dx, on Feb.13, 2023 (click here)

Toronto - 20 year old student Maicol Antonio Londoño Sastre had a hemorrhagic stroke on Feb.6, 2023

20 year old Colombian student Maicol Antonio Londoño Sastre was studying English in Toronto. On Feb. 6, 2023 he was at a gathering with friends when he lost consciousness. He was diagnosed with a hemorrhagic stroke. (click here)

Columbia, SC - 13 year old Daniel Ahtonen had a hemorrhagic stroke in school on Feb.6, 2023

Columbia, SC - on Feb.6, 2023, 13 year old Furman Middle School student Daniel Ahtonen started having trouble speaking at school, he was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a 5 cm aneurysm and a hemorrhagic stroke. (click here)

Sao Paulo, Brazil - 13 year old reality show participant Arthur Singer died of hemorrhagic stroke on April 6, 2023

Source: (click here)

Pennsburg, PA - EMT Jay Miles died after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke while on a call on March 13, 2023

The stroke occurred after Miles and another paramedic Kevin Bennett loaded the patient onto a litter. (click here)

Crawford, TX - 18 year old Luis Rodgriguez suffered a brain bleed during a football game on Dec.8, 2022

He tried to make a tackle and he was on the ground, and he tried to stand up and he started stumbling around…he kept dropping.” (click here)

Scottsdale, AZ - 47 year old Phoenix Suns chaplain had a massive hemorrhagic stroke on Nov.14, 2022

I could not think, talk — nothing,” Hearn explains. “I suffered a brain aneurysm that led to a hemorrhagic stroke in the basal ganglia area of my brain...” (click here)

Utopia, Texas - 16 year old Johnny Cazares had a brain bleed on July 18, 2022 and crashed his truck

His truck was wrecked and the crash broke his femur, collapsing his lung and also caused a traumatic brain injury on top of his brain bleed. (click here)

Vancouver, BC - 25 year old recording engineer Olivia Quan died from a brain bleed on July 1, 2022

Vancouver, BC - 25 year old recording engineer Olivia Quan died on July 1, 2022 after suffering “a brain bleed while working in bed”, Monarch Studios from Vancouver, Canada revealed. (click here)

“She was home and working in her bed at the time it happened. “I hope it helps people to know that Olivia was happy and healthy right until the end.” Her employer, Monarch Studios, claims a 100% employee COVID-19 vaccination rate. (click here)

Chef Hideyuki Tanaka, age 40, died of brain hemorrhage on Apr.17, 2022, collapsed after gym workout (click here)

43 year old violin teacher at a British International school died of a hemorrhagic stroke Feb.9, 2022 (click here)

Ireland - Roy Butler: 23-year-old Irish soccer player suffered massive “brain bleed,” died four days after COVID-19 J&J vaccine, on Aug.17, 2021


23 year old Irish soccer player Roy Butler received the COVID-19 J&J vaccine on Friday, Aug.13, 2021. He suffered severe headaches within 1 hour. By Aug.14, he was vomiting & having convulsions. He was in a coma by Aug.16. (click here)

It appears the young man had a hemorrhagic stroke and/or ruptured brain aneurysm within a day or two based on description from his aunt.

Manitoba - 23 year old Jackson Troy Reimer is suing AstraZeneca after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke 6 days after COVID-19 vaccine

Jackson Troy Reimer, now 23, was "in excellent health" before getting vaccinated while working at Whistler Blackcomb ski resort in British Columbia in 2021 (click here).

But six days after getting his shot, he started feeling dizzy, losing his vision and having severe headaches. A CT scan at Vancouver General Hospital found Reimer had a hemorrhagic stroke.

He's now legally blind and has other symptoms related to mental focus and concentration, memory loss, mental impairment and obsessive compulsive disorder.

My Take

COVID-19 mRNA vaccine spike protein is expressed in blood vessels, and the ensuing inflammatory reaction damages these blood vessels. In the brain, this can either result in a brain aneurysm, or simply a focal weakness, both of which are at high risk of rupture and bleeding, which is often fatal.

Brain bleeds can also be caused by COVID-19 mRNA vaccine induced turbo cancers that grow extremely rapidly, damaging adjacent blood vessels as they grow.

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