Comparison Images of Live Blood Analysis and Nanotechnology Coming Out Of The Body With Anti-Nano Devices • Decontaminating The Blood From Synthetic Biology Hydrogel With EDTA Chelation

Comparison Images of Live Blood Analysis and Nanotechnology Coming Out Of The Body With Anti-Nano Devices • Decontaminating The Blood From Synthetic Biology Hydrogel With EDTA Chelation

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This piece by Dr. Mihalcea is a little treasure trove of resources, as are many of her pieces. Everything she says puts us in mind of the Morgellon’s problem discovered years ago, and how likely it is that chemtrails/geoengineered spraying have been used to promulgate this hideous technology.

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

In this post, I wish to share some comparison images of nanotechnology that has exited human bodies via anti-nano devices and the live blood analysis of C19 unvaccinated individuals in my office.

Many doctors and scientists are denying the presence of nanotechnology that has invaded all of humanity. Since they do, no treatments for the nanotechnology removal is being recommended in mainstream medicine.

Image: Comparison of a filament exited the body via anti nano tech and live blood analysis of unvaccinated blood

People need to make up their own mind. I cannot explain what I see in the blood by natural means, neither can I explain the accelerated aging process clearly visible in people. I can explain it in the understanding that humanity is being poisoned by artificial intelligence self assembly nanotechnology and synthetic biology. I do not subscribe to the notion that nothing can be done about this. There are solutions, and the detoxification of these structures by every means available, while supporting the body nutritionally – is important. The more of this technology is in people, the more rapid the symptom development is.

I get feedback from doctors and scientists from all over the world stating how limited our research is, and what I should do to convince other researchers to have more credibility. Why don’t all of those who have these recommendations for improvement do their own research? Please get a microscope and publish what you find. Why don’t more people look at meat under the microscope? Why don’t others try to find out what they can about the chemical composition of these structures? If people think the self assembly nanotubes are yeast, please do the work to prove they are. That might actually evolve the conversation for the world. We share these findings that are based on our volunteer work so it might alert others. We work to find out what is happening entirely self funded, with limited resources and very limited time. The best thing you – who may be way more qualified then us to do this work – can do for humanity is not educate us but contribute yourself. Go on your own journey of discovery. Maybe the results will shock you into action.

In the following slides, I show images taken from the below-linked video explaining what anti-nano devices have removed from the body. On the right side I have posted live blood images from my office for comparison.

Image: whitish filament extracted with anti nano device and classic Hydrogel/ Graphene Ribbon in C19 unvaccinated blood

Image: Filament development and microchip connection C19 Pfizer vial Dr. David Nixon

Image: Red and black filament extracted with anti nano device and red Hydrogel/ Graphene Ribbon in C19 unvaccinated blood surrounded by unknown degradation product

Image: Bluish filament extracted with anti nano device and blue Hydrogel/ Graphene Ribbon in C19 unvaccinated blood

Image: C19 Pfizer vial Dr David Nixon. Bluish optical communication between microchips

Image: white filament extracted with anti nano device and white Hydrogel/ Graphene/ CDB structures cultured from in C19 unvaccinated blood

The images were taken from this video below, which shows the many types of nanotechnology extracted.

I have seen how these devices can take the nanotechnology out of the body. Ionizing footbaths work. These devices demonstrated in the video work. I have also seen culture work of what came out of C19 injected people in the water of ionizing foot baths, that are used with different salts, white vinegar, borax and other solutions. The nanotechnology continued to grow outside of the body when cultured. I recommend people use every modality possible to rid themselves of this nanotechnology and synthetic biology. God bless anyone who has a solution to this.

I highly recommend this video. Look at what is being pulled out of people’s body. Whatever your position is, can you explain how this got there? The authors in the video call the ribbons fullerenes. Whatever the name, this looks similar to what I see.


Here is the most recent video by the group “La Quinta Columna” – please note they found the same filament like structures developing in the C19 vials. What I call Hydrogel/Graphene – they call Graphene Oxide. I do not care what you want to call it until it has been chemically quantified – the point is this does not belong in a vaccine, nor in the human body.

The game is over – La Quinta Columna

Here is the article about Graphene oxide in the Pfizer vials:

Secret Documents published by order of the U.S. Federal Court prove Pfizer, the FDA & Fact Checkers lied when they said Toxic Graphene Oxide was not inside the Covid-19 Vaccines

Here is what I have for a long time been talking about – shedding that in the medical literature has been proven via antibodies.

Vaccine Shedding & Graphene Oxide: Secret Pfizer Documents & Studies prove Graphene is in the COVID Vaccines & Shedding is sadly occurring with Deadly Consequences

This is what Dr. Philippe van Welbergen found in human blood – exactly the same filament structures that I have been finding too, and this structure is shedding to others.

Here is what I have been doing with EDTA Chelation, that happens to work against Graphene, Metals and Hydrogel:

Decontaminating The Blood From Synthetic Biology Hydrogel With EDTA Chelation - Live Blood Documentation


Image courtesy: Case 6. 1 week after treatment.

I often am heavily criticized for advocating for EDTA Chelation as a successful modality to clear the blood from this transhumanist assault. Since not many practitioners are doing it or even using Live Blood Analysis, they cannot verify my results. In my practice, many people come from out of town, they stay a few days and often there are many chronic problems to reverse. They want to know if what they did worked, so I show them in their blood. People come for Long Covid symptoms, concerns about shedding and often have tried many different approaches. I use Darkfield Live Blood microscopy to garner information, never to diagnose. It has been a useful tool to evaluate for the presence of abnormal structures, which I have found in everyone.

I have advocated for the use of EDTA Chelation intravenously because I saw rapid and substantial changes in the blood.

My practice is an anti-aging clinic, so I additionally use peptides like Epithalon, which lengthens telomeres and repairs DNA to help reverse the accelerated aging symptoms often seen these days. The Vitamin C infusions and Epithalon are not necessary to use for decontamination of the blood, but they significantly help improve symptoms.

These structures in the blood, which I call Hydrogel/ Graphene, can be cleared effectively and rapidly. In this article, I want to show what I see in clinical practice.

In addition to objective improvement of the blood, all patients had symptom improvement.

Case 1. Before: extensive Hydrogel/ Graphene filaments, Rouleaux formation, micro clotting.

Case 1. 3 days later. Received two EDTA Chelations, one Vitamin C Infusion 20.000mg and Epithalon. No Hydrogel/ Graphene Ribbons, no significant Rouleaux. The patient had just eaten, so the point like haziness in the background are chylomicrons, which are normal fats.

Case 2. Before Treatment. Extensive Rouleaux formation, many Hydrogel/Graphene Structures

Case 2. After Treatment. 3 days later. Received 2 EDTA Chelations, one Vitamin C Infusion 20.000mg and Epithalon. No Hydrogel/ Graphene Ribbons, no significant Rouleaux.

Case 3. Before. Hydrogel/Graphene Structures, some very long

Case 3. After Treatment. 3 Days later. Received 2 EDTA Chelations, one Vitamin C Infusion 20.000mg and Epithalon. No Hydrogel/ Graphene Ribbons, no significant Rouleaux.

Case 4. Before Treatment. Rouleaux formation, large Hydrogel/Graphene Structures

Case 4 After Treatment 4 days later. Received 2 EDTA Chelations, 2 Vitamin C Infusion 20.000mg and Epithalon. No Hydrogel/ Graphene Ribbons, no significant Rouleaux. Normal Blood

Case 5. Before Treatment. Extensive Rouleaux formation, large Hydrogel/Graphene Structures

Case 5. After Treatment. Two Chelations weekly for a month. That was not due to the chelation not working earlier, but patient preference. No Graphene Hydrogel, no rouleaux.

Apart from clearing the blood of Hydrogel/ Graphene Structures which Vitamin C alone does not do, EDTA Chelation also removes toxic metals from the body, which is paramount to the Hydrogel microchip development and carries its own significant toxicity. This is how much toxic metals can be removed with one EDTA Chelation IV.

My question to the critics is this: show me one therapy anywhere that can give such a result within three to four days for certain, sometimes in as little as one treatment with symptomatic improvement in as little as one day. I have not seen one. There are not many practitioners because this treatment was suppressed by the FDA for decades. But its historic scientific efficacy profile is stellar as I discussed in the article below. Dr. Ana’s NewsletterLiterature Review of EDTA Chelation Slide Courtesy: The Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT) Initial Results Gervasio A. Lamas MD Chairman of Medicine Mount Sinai Medical Center Miami Beach FL Chief, Columbia University Division of Cardiology at Mount Sinai Professor of Medicine Columbia University Medical Center…Read more18 days ago · 105 likes · 50 comments · Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

And for maintenance after clearing the blood, I recommend the EDTA Cream daily.

I am going to keep talking about what works. I will continue to document these remarkable results until maybe someone pays attention and replicates this. Imagine if a government that actually cares about the survival of its citizens would warp speed Chelation Therapy clinics, and everybody regardless of vaccination status would get two Chelation’s to clear their blood and then one infusion once a month. I wonder what would happen to the health of the population if you keep their blood clear from these structures. I wonder how many “died suddenly” cases we could reduce if you clear out self assembly hydrogel which causes the production of these rubbery clots in the body. This vision does not seem hard to me to achieve, if people would only acknowledge the presence of hydrogel synthetic biology and artificial intelligence nanotechnology with Carbon Nanotubes aka Graphene. People need to demand from their doctors and governments the exploration of treatments for this synthetic biology. They need to stand up, protest and fight for their survival, as well as the reveal of all deceptions in medicine and the implementation of therapies that OBVIOUSLY AND VISIBLY can help.

I never listen to people who want to destroy HOPE.

I encourage anyone again, to please do their own research. If you can, contribute to solutions.


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