FOOD VAX • Study confirms development of oral mRNA "vaccine" that's produced in cow's milk

FOOD VAX • Study confirms development of oral mRNA "vaccine" that's produced in cow's milk  |  Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Chinese researchers have developed a new oral Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” for cows that causes the animals to produce mRNA poisons right in their milk.

Citing claims that covid is still allegedly presenting “numerous challenges to global health,” the Chinese scientists came up with a new way to vaccinate people via the food supply.

Their paper explains that the oral mRNA vaccine is based on “bovine milk-derived exosomes,” or milk-exos, that encode the SARS-CoV-2 receptor-derived binding domain (RBD) as an immunogen.

They found that RBD mRNA delivered through milk-derived exosomes is capable of producing secreted RBD peptide in 293 cells in vitro, as well as stimulating neutralizing antibodies against RBD in test mice.

“These results indicated that bovine milk-derived exosome-based mRNA vaccine could serve as a new strategy for preventing SARS-CoV-2 infection,” the study abstract explains. “Meanwhile, it also can work as a new oral delivery system for mRNA.”

(Related: Scientists from MIT have also confirmed that mRNA jabs are absorbed through the stomach and intestines, including in animals raised for meat.)

Is covid mRNA becoming a new food additive for public health?

Since apparently not enough people voluntarily took the mRNA injections foisted upon the world through Operation Warp Speed, communist China has taken it upon itself to develop a food-based oral inoculation that people will now take involuntarily.

If such inoculations become commercialized, it could soon become the norm to get “vaccinated” every time you eat a bowl of cereal or an ice cream cone. If mRNA is hidden inside commercial, non-organic milk and dairy products, then nobody will even know they are eating a vaccine.

This is how the powers that be plan to “jab” the entire world for covid again, and again, and again: via the food supply. And once again, communist China is leading the way in normalizing food-based oral vaccines for public consumption.

We know from this latest research that mice fed the mRNA-laced milk absorbed it through their gut. The mRNA then made its way into the rodents’ bloodstream and lymphatic tissue as demonstrated by the production of antibodies inside the mice’s bodies.

As mentioned above, there is also evidence to suggest that commercial meat from mRNA-injected cows and other food animals becomes tainted with mRNA. This means that every time a person consumes a conventional steak derived from cattle jabbed for covid, he or she is likewise getting vaccinated for covid as well.

“Please all ranchers: do not vaccinate the cattle, chickens, etc.,” one of our readers wrote as a request to American cattlemen who might be considering using the mRNA shots in their herds.

“Come up with organic meat producers who label their meat, grass-fed and unvaccinated – no mRNA. Raise your own meat animals when possible.”

Another wrote that in Washington state, the health department is already requiring animals shipped in from out of state to be jabbed for “fake avian flu.”

“I believe they are giving them diseases or destroying their immune systems to create the next plandemic – just like they did with ‘regular flu shots in people’ to create the last one,” this same commenter added about the forced vaccination policy for out-of-state animals.

Someone else asked what the point actually is of these mRNA shots they are now trying to force on animals.

“Is it for covid?” this person asked. “I see mRNA vaccine but not what it is vaccinating for? Is this really gene editing or just self-assembling robots?”

“They are determined to get that crap into us one way or another. How do we fight this?”


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