Urotherapy Healing Success Stories

Urotherapy Healing Success Stories

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(Natural News) A young lady on TikTok has revealed all about how urotherapy, or urine therapy, saved her husband’s life.

Her @holistic.happy.healthy account on the social media platform contains a video in which she explains how her husband went from being normal and healthy last July to declining to the point of death in just four weeks.

Persistent gastrointestinal problems prompted doctors to prescribe the man prednisone and antibiotics, which his wife says only made things worse.

“I thought my husband was going to die,” she said. “My husband thought he was going to die.”

Then, in the final week before the couple thought death was going to be the final outcome, her husband came across an article from GlobalHealing.com talking about urine therapy – which simply means drinking your own urine.

Since he had nothing to lose, the man told his wife that he was going to try it to see what happens. She agreed that this was a good approach since all other interventions had failed.

In the beginning, the man consumed his urine three times a day. After a few days, the color started to return back to his skin – he had previously gone pale and gray. After that, his wife says she watched a miracle happen right before her very eyes.

“It was like his body knew that he was underweight, so he rapidly gained all of his weight back within a couple of weeks,” his wife explained.

“He gained 20 pounds back within the four weeks that he was consuming his own urine. His skin tone went from pale to completely healthy. To be honest, I’m still shocked that this saved him. Doctors couldn’t figure it out. He had CT scans, they kept saying everything was fine, they kept saying everything was normal.

“To this day, we still don’t understand the depth of what was going on inside of his body,” the man’s wife said. “We only know that he was rapidly losing his health and his ability to survive, and we were willing to try anything to save him.

“Urine therapy has already been proven all through the 1900s to cure leukemia, cancer, HIV. It also cures people who are morbidly obese. If people who are morbidly obese consume their own urine, they will start rapidly losing weight. If people who are underweight consume their own urine, they will start gaining weight. If you have a brain tumor, your own urine will shrink your brain tumor.”

Would you try urotherapy, or is the gross factor a deterrent?

Earlier this month, I shared an article that goes into greater depth about how urotherapy is a promising remedial approach for all kinds of cancer, just like the young lady above explained.

Dr. Edward Group of Global Healing, the website where the young lady’s husband found the information that he used to cure himself, is also a proponent of urotherapy, having stated that he believes it is “the most overlooked and suppressed medical secret in the history of the world.”

“It is urine therapy, which is the golden secret to health,” he is quoted as saying.

“I’ve got all the evidence that you have something for free inside of you right now that will take care of anything, any health problem that you might be suffering from and neutralize any damage you may have already received for almost the entire course of the 20th century.”

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