Us Attorney Has Given Dr. Kirk Moore The Right To Request The State And Federal Public Health Records • Which Can Expose The Corruption And End The Covid Vaccination In The US And Worldwide

Us Attorney Has Given Dr. Kirk Moore The Right To Request The State And Federal Public Health Records •  Which Can Expose The Corruption And End The Covid Vaccination In The US And Worldwide

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The case of Dr. Kirk Moore, a Utah plastic surgeon, received some MSM coverage, but for background, here’s something more likely to be balanced, by John Leake working with Dr. Peter McCullough —

Dr. Kirk Moore Insists He Did NOT Sell Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Cards

A brief summary:

A week ago I reported the story of Dr. Kirk Moore—a plastic surgeon who was recently indicted by a federal grand jury in Utah for conspiracy to defraud the US; conspiracy to convert, sell, convey, and dispose of government property; and conversion, sale, conveyance, and disposal of government property and aiding and abetting.

The government’s indictment and mainstream media are highlighting the assertion that Dr. Moore and his colleagues received $50 per procedure in which they disposed of a COVID-19 vaccine dose instead of injecting it into the patient, and then issued a fake vaccine card to the patient. This is deemed to prove that Dr. Moore—a plastic surgeon by trade—”benefitted” from his actions. …

Dr. Moore insists that never received a single dollar for administering early treatments to COVID-19 patients or for issuing COVID-19 vaccine cards to patients who feared the mRNA gene transfer injections are not safe. A plastic surgeon by trade, he insists he administered early treatment and issued the cards solely as a charitable endeavor—that is, to help the sick stay out of hospital and to help his fellow citizens who were mandated to receive the injections in order to retain their student and job positions.

In other words, according to Dr. Moore, the federal indictment’s assertion that HE benefitted from the $50 per procedure is FALSE.

Below, Steve Kirsch tells us why this case matters. We wait with bated breath.

The US Attorney in Utah has given the anti-vax movement in America the greatest gift ever.

They charged Kirk Moore with a crime. Dr. Moore is allowed discovery to prove his innocence. This means he gets access to VSD (ER: Vaccine Data Safety link), Medicare, NDI, and state death and vaccination records. Whoops!

Steve Kirsch

The US Attorney has given Dr. Kirk Moore the right to request the state and federal public health records. Now the truth will finally be exposed. Dr. Moore can single handedly do something nobody else has been able to do: expose the corruption and end the COVID vaccination in the US and worldwide.

The US Attorney in Utah issued a criminal indictment against Dr. Kirk Moore for “running a COVID-19 Vaccine Scheme to Defraud the Government and CDC.”

But what if Dr. Moore was actually saving lives instead and is a hero?

Since this is a criminal proceeding in federal court, Dr. Moore cannot be denied discovery to show that the vaccines are deadly.

This is relevant due to the opportunity for jury nullification where a jury has the right to issue a “not guilty” verdict if they believe the law is unjust.

If the judge denies Moore the discovery, he can appeal because there is no country in the world that has correlated the death-vax data and released the records for public analysis. They all keep it hidden behind closed doors and all attempts to get that data have been rebuffed.

A federal court has jurisdiction over all 50 states and can order the CDC and all states to turn over COVID vaccination records and death records. You know, the records that the states and CDC don’t want to be made public for some reason. Those records.

So Dr. Moore is now empowered to do something that nobody else in the world can do: access the secret public health records of every state in the US that will finally show to the entire world what everyone in power wants to hide from the public: the truth.

Kirk is one of my followers on Substack and I reached out to him today to suggest the records he should request to aid in his defense.

The judge can allow these records to be made public if they are in the public interest, which they will be.

Finally, it is the job of the courts to find the truth. And thanks to the US Attorney in Utah, we are finally going to find the truth!


Not a single country, state, or even county health official anywhere in the world has correlated the vaccination data with the health data. I wonder why?

But now, courtesy of the US Attorney in Utah, Dr. Kirk Moore will have the right to do that.

And people are going to be stunned at what it will reveal. I can promise you that.

More about jury nullification

Some background on Jury Nullification, for those unfamiliar with it:

Cornell law discussion

Department of Justice discussion (1993)

NY Times discussion focus on marijuana, but applies to all (2011)

Vox discussion focused on race, but applies to all (2016)

Jury nullification is a powerful check on abusive government and unjust laws. But most Americans aren’t aware of it and lawyers aren’t allowed to inform a jury of their right to nullify a law. It will take a massive public education effort to make enough Americans aware of the power they hold in jury duty to make a difference in trials. So spread the word!! Tell two friends.

Why the court has to allow the discovery

There is a necessity defence. The discovery is crucial to showing that this defense is justified.

Also, the prosecution has to show criminal intent to harm the US government. Could it be that Dr. Moore’s intent was to save the life of his patients? Is that a crime in America today?


The bottom line is the US Attorney in Utah has given Dr. Moore the ability to end the narrative worldwide. And I have a feeling that Dr. Moore will take full advantage of the opportunity.

I leave you with this post Dr. Moore recently made on my Substack:

This is the biggest opportunity ever to end the narrative. The US government has literally opened up the secret books in every state (aka our public health data) for inspection. I could not be happier that the truth will finally be known.


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