Vaccinated: Detox, avoid wireless radiation, hardwire and shield

Vaccinated: Detox, avoid wireless radiation, hardwire and shield

Dylan Eleven |

I don’t like to re post information as a general rule on As the information is here for everyone to read and as we are putting out so much information, duplication increases your time spent reading.

WhenI do re-post articles and in this case a video, it is because of the continued importance of the information and for a further call to action.

I have studied extensively the effects of wireless radiation.   I have written a book and have made two films on the subject.  One is a 3 hour documentary on wireless radiation.  (Here)

The following video I have posted several times.

But it is so important we understand what we are seeing and what damage is being caused and ways to immediately deal with this threat.

Watch the video before we proceed with this article and then I want to bring up a couple of simple points.

  1. They have injected this substance called graphene oxide into 2/3rds of humanity.
  2. The interaction with wireless radiation causes graphene oxide to move.
  3. This movement inside people’s bodies and brains is obviously horrific.

People are dropping dead. People have graphene oxide in them. And people are surrounded by wireless radiation that interacts with the graphene oxide inside them.

There are several solutions to this problem.

They are obvious.

  1. Stop injecting the graphene oxide.
  2. Arrest all who did.
  3. Remove the graphene from 2/3ds of humanity.
  4. And in the mean time stop all wireless radiation deployment, turn off all current sources of wireless radiation and shield the vaccinated from all wireless radiation exposure.

Now one can actually tolerate the abuse of wireless radiation. These devices should all be wired or emitting energy waves that align with our bodies; But the vaccinated.  They are a walking time bomb and the wireless radiation around them is part of the trigger mechanism.

They should be demanding zero wireless radiation in their presence as if their lives depended on it.   Which they may just do.

Warn the vaccinated of the dangers of their choice of pollutant mix.   Wireless radiation and graphene oxide is a bad combination.

Vaccinated; Detox, avoid wireless radiation, hardwire and shield.