Vaccinated Kids vs Unvaccinated Kids | A Comparison And The Results

Vaccinated Kids vs Unvaccinated Kids | A Comparison And The Results

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We have reported on this study in a previous article (link below). This article lists some results and is worth re-posting as no one should be vaccinating their kids.

Dr. Paul Thomas Hires Outside Firm to Track Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Kids

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2,700 variably Vaccinated and 560 not Vaccinated. Then they were Age Matched and Compared. 

Here are the Findings: 

1. Asthma and Allergies Significantly increased in the Vaccinated. Off the Chart difference.

2. Eczema significantly was higher. 

3. Sinusitis was significantly higher. 

4. Gastroenteritis was significantly higher. 

5. Respiratory Infections significantly higher. 6. Otitis Media - Middle Ear Infection was significantly higher. 

7. Conjunctivitis - Eye Infections significantly higher. 

8. Breathing issues significantly higher. 

9. Behavioral issues significantly higher. 

10. ADHD -- NONE in the Unvaccinated at all for 10 years in Dr. Thomas' practice. 

As you see on the chart it is incredibly high which shows that there is something in these vaccines (Toxic Heavy Metals) that is causing ADHD. 

The results were not even remotely close in comparison. It is a total knockout. If you listened to the TV Media you would think that results would be just the opposite of these findings. 

There is a reason in 100 years of Vaccinating Children there has NEVER been retrospective studies. 

Don’t you want to see 5, 10, 15 or even 20 year studies of the vaxxed vs unvaxxed? Wouldn’t that be VERY Helpful? Why has there never been any studies like this? 

They would 100% PROVE without Shadow of a Doubt that not only do Vaccines NOT prevent infections and transmission but they are severely harming children – especially for Allergies, Middle Ear Infections, Autism, Breathing issues, Sinusitis, Respiratory Infections, Eye Infections, Gastroenteritis, Eczema and Behavioural issues. 

IF Vaccines PREVENT Infections then why are infections Significantly Higher in all of Dr. Thomas' vaccinated children? These are serious life changing chronic conditions. 

Vaccines shift the immune system to Allergy and Autoimmunity, and you have more and more infections of other kinds. In short, what does this mean? It means that Vaccines DESTROY a Child’s Immune System, every vax is different with different live viruses and toxins and they will really hit a child with a weaker immune systems first.

Source: Jessica Rojas

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