VAERS LATEST NUMBERS • Yet The Genocide Continues

VAERS LATEST NUMBERS • Yet The Genocide Continues

Dylan Eleven |

War has been raging against the people by our own governments and the proven casualties of this war, the vaccine injured and dead, are piling up.

The vaccinated are dropping like flies yet they still promote the Covid lie and killer Vaccine.  

They claim all the extra deaths are from an unknown source.  Betting on the stupidity of the asleep or they are deliberately trying to provoke a civil war.  Personally I think it’s both.  

Whether you, your family members, co-workers and friends believe COVID it is real or not , or the vaccine is a killer or not, or if you or they are vaccinated or not. Or if you believe the numbers from VAERS are under-reported or not;    The numbers below clearly show to everyone, in every stage of understanding, and with whatever they believe; that NO ONE should get, give or promote the covid vaccines.

Lettuce was taken off the shelves because It apparently killed three people.  Yet a product that has the admitted numbers below is still pushed.  That is murder and genocide.   Still.

CDC July 29, 2022. 1,622,882 total adverse events:  56,021 reports of permanent disability post vaccination, 33,247 life threatening events, 170,749 hospitalizations, 1,134 birth defects, and 29,981 reported deaths.

The above numbers show carnage and that this vaccine program should be been shut down and obviously never implemented in the first place.  

These numbers are only the tip of the iceberg.  

The VARES numbers have been manually adjusted. There has been several instances of thousands of death records suddenly disappearing from VAERS.  

In addition many people have studied the under-reporting factor of this system.   The VAERS system is estimated to only represent from 1% to 10% of the actual number.
Another analysis estimates the number needs to be multiplied by 41 to get the true number.

Anyone pushing the vaccine, promoting the vaccine, administering the vaccine is guilty of genocide.

Our work is not done Truth Warriors.

Please continue to help others see the truth. Please continue to talk to your family and friends.  
They are still being lied to and many are still lining up for more of this killer vaccine.  
Some have been holding out, but because of continued pressure they may contemplating getting the vaccine.   We must not let up.  Reach out and confirm your people are still standing firm.  
If you were silent before.  Now is the time to speak out.   You have the numbers to back you up.

For those who have been vaccinated, please help them by explaining detox protocols and encouraging them get a D-dimer test to check for micro clotting.  

There is still hope for the vaccinated.  There is still continued genocide to stop. There is still Justice to be had.  
Keep pressing Truth Warriors!