Waves of Invasion

Waves of Invasion


Richard C. Lyons

We are at a point when the entire American population is awakening to the fact that the ongoing daily invasion of our southern border is a real problem, after millions of foreigners have already entered and disappeared among our 48 contiguous states.  And yet we have a Democrat party, which inhabits a government, founded in the Constitution, that down to the last member rejects its “law” to execute the standing laws regarding defending our borders and controlling immigration.  They have allowed this invasion to continue since January 2021.  What could be the reason?

If we look at our history, this is not the first invasion the Democrat party has championed. It is one of many.

During the Woodrow Wilson presidency, the Constitution itself was invaded by the “New Democracy” and fundamentally changed by two amendments: the Sixteenth Amendment, which created a progressive income tax, and the Seventeenth Amendment, which changed state legislative elections for Senate representation to being elections by popular vote.  The effect of the two amendments together took away the rights and independence of the states, making the states, henceforth, petitioners to the central treasury and subsidiaries of the federal government’s will.

During Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency, America’s free-enterprise economy was invaded by the “New Deal” and brought under the significant command and control of a whole alphabet soup of federal agencies, including the Securities and Exchange Commission, again with the design of concentrating control in Washington, D.C.  Further, Roosevelt backed labor unions through passage of the Wagner Act and the creation of an extra-legal National Labor Relations Board, which effectively placed the economic will of the Democrat party in every major boardroom in the United States.

During the Harry Truman presidency, our rights to private property were invaded through the Federal Housing Administration and the National Housing Act of 1949, which leveled whole city neighborhoods, dispossessing private home and business owners of their properties, in neighborhoods like Washington, D.C.’s own “Southwest,” a predominantly African-American community at the time.  This dispossession of property rights was carried out in urban areas throughout the nation, principally dispossessing African-Americans of their homes, businesses, and neighborhoods.

During Lyndon Johnson’s presidency, the very concept of individual independence and self -reliance was invaded by “Great Society” programs, which redistributed wealth from those who earned and owned “title” to it to those who were made dependent on government handouts through “entitlements.”  The Great Society invaded the fundamental relationship of the citizen with the federal government and effectively destroyed the structure of the American family, and, once again, fundamentally altered the lives of African-Americans, as fathers were removed from their families and families were removed from thriving neighborhoods and “placed” in tenement projects.

Also during the Johnson administration, American education was invaded by the Democrat party through the Education Department and the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, which entailed the employment of teachers nationwide and has taken every initiative in education since away from families, localities, and states and placed control of education in Washington, D.C.   

During William Clinton’s presidency, federal law enforcement agencies, such as the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, were invaded and subsequently controlled in order to form a defensive ring around lawless actions of the administration and Bill Clinton himself.  Instead of investigating wrongdoing, federal agencies became partners in the wrongdoing.  One prime example is the massive amounts of donations funneled to the Clinton campaigns and Democrat party coffers from Asian sources and the cover-up of evidence thereof within federal agencies themselves.

The Democrat control of federal agencies took a turn outward under Barack Obama’s presidency, the power of federal agencies was turned on the opponents of Democrat party policies, as evidenced by the IRS attacks upon the Tea Party movement, the federal government’s attacks on the Little Sisters of the Poor, and the FBI’s invasions of reporter’s privacy rights because they wrote things the Obama administration did not agree with.

The effect on our country of this politicization of federal law enforcement agencies has been the destruction of our Bill of Rights’ protections and of the concept of a common law system.  The evidence of this, in recent news, has been the incessant attacks by agencies on Donald Trump, his family, his associates, and his friends over the past nine years, compared to the defenses erected by the same agencies to protect the Biden family.

Lastly, there has been an invasion via media and the Democrat-controlled education system into the psyche of America’s most vulnerable population: our youth.  Our children are being assailed in classrooms if they admit to being a male or a female, a distinction fundamental to the human psyche regarding identity — not to mention the invasion of morality that occurs through the media every day, visibly, in front of the same vulnerable population.

We should regard these invasions as what they are: waves of socialism.  What if we conceived of them together?

It would be a tsunami wave, one that has swept away much of the founding of our country, and replaced those virtues with a growing Democrat party policy of socialism.

So why let millions of illegals into the country?  To enfranchise them, and complete socialism’s invasion, with the formation of Democrat party tyranny, at the expense of our common liberty.

Original Article: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2023/12/waves_of_invasion.html