We Do Not Give Consent

We Do Not Give Consent

Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com |

The Ukraine went full Nazi years ago.

We reported that the Canadian and US governments were supporting an openly Nazi organization in the Ukraine.

Which of course means these governments support fascism and the Nazi mindset.

Something they have openly proven these past two years with the covid lie and Holocaust genocide of the vaccine rollout.

Ukraine has continued with its Nazi reign of terror and genocide for years.

They are shooting their own people when they are not using them as human shields.

The Ukraine is the first to embrace the great reset.

The Ukraine has recently banned political opposition parties.

And now announced a consolidation of their broadcasting services into one unified voice.

Textbook Nazi 101.

Canada, the US and most European governments are siding with these Nazis. Openly.

What does this mean?

Well looking at the nazification of Canada, the US,..etc,; it is quite clear that the Ukraine model is supported by our countries because it is the eventual model for us all.

If you support Nazis in Ukraine at the supermarket, (who are asking for donations), you are providing your consent for this type of government management in your own country.

They are gaining consent for fascism.

The cabal like to use their “Revelation of method” theory to gain supposed consent.

This is a perfect example.

Support Nazis abroad, means you support their boot on your own face at home.

We see your lies.
We do not support any war.
We support the people of every county.
We are all fighting Nazis.
We do not give consent.