Weaponization of the Lesser-Known Parts of the U.S. Government

Weaponization of the Lesser-Known Parts of the U.S. Government


John Mills

When we were doing the original cyber program back in 2007 one of things that we had to do was understand and count all the independent agencies and boards of the U.S. Government.  The first step of effective cybersecurity is that you have to be able to count all the servers, endpoints, and internet access points.  You can only defend what you can count.  We gave up counting at about 200 entities.  There is an archived record from the Bush Administration that shows close to 140.  I don’t think this is the cumulative list because it doesn’t list the Marine Mammal Commission which had one .gov computer.

Back then we didn’t have an orchestrated domain system and we found government systems and computers on all kinds of non .gov domains.  A disorganized network is a Disneyland of opportunities for the threat to break in and then move laterally to a more interesting network.  The Marine Mammal Commission might not be that interesting for the Nation State Actor trying to get to the Ballistic Missile Defense Network, but it might be a great starting point.

We now know very well about the weaponization of the Intelligence Community in the 51 Intelligence Officer Letter, the Department of Homeland Security and State Department in targeting, silencing, and censoring American Citizens, the Internal Revenue Service hiding the Biden Family potentially criminal financial transactions and so on.  But what about the lesser-known parts of Government in the obscure and not well understood world of 200 or so Independent U.S. Government Agencies?  How are they being used to weaponize the U.S. Government against the American?

Census Bureau

The Census Bureau is one of those forgettable bureaucratic entities in the U.S. Government.  It is not necessarily an independent agency, it is buried inside of the Department of Commerce.  The mission of the Census Bureau seems bland and mundane, “The Census Bureau’s mission is to serve as the nation’s leading provider of quality data about its people and economy”.  How can that be weaponized against the American Citizen?  Well, if that’s the case, why was one of Biden’s first acts upon taking office was to cancel President’s Trumps directive to have Census only count U.S. Citizens?  President Trump’s guidance seems intuitive, logical, and legal, but like Che Guevarra going after the national radio station, one of the first things the Biden Revolutionaries did was fan out to swarm the Census Bureau and overthrow the common sense guidance so the Biden Team could now count “Illegal” Aliens (Biden’s shocking expression from the State of the Union, not mine).

Well who was robbed of multiple House Seats in the Decennial tabulation by the Census – mostly Red States.  Census declared an “oopsie” in the count, but oh well, nothing can be done until 2030.  What helped inflated the denominator in these counts?  Most likely Illegal Aliens.  Who helped remind everyone about this statistical error?  Elon Musk who said,

“Most Americans are still unaware that the census counts ALL people, including illegal immigrants, for deciding how many House seats each state gets!

This results in Dem states getting roughly 20 more House seats, which is another strong incentive for them not to deport illegals.”

Censuses have consequences, stolen Censuses have catastrophic consequences.

National Archives

Who is the National Archivist?  They lead the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), essentially, they are the High Priest of the Dewey Decimal system and the “Susher in Chief” to anyone who is too loud in the National Archives.  They are the Nation’s Librarian.  NARA’s mission seems utterly boring, “We drive openness, cultivate public participation, and strengthen our nation’s democracy through equitable public access to high-value government records.”  Who could possibly be against “openness” or strengthening democracy?  Are you some kind of an insurrectionist?  Of course these are important matters, how could these possibly be weaponized?

Well, what did the “Susher in Chief” not do in the last few days of President Trump’s first term?  They didn’t show up at the White House and perform their legal duties.  The National Archivist has a legal obligation and key role in the Presidential Records Act at the end of an Administration.  “The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) plays a key role in the physical transfer of hundreds of millions of textual, electronic, audiovisual records, and artifacts from the White House to an outgoing President’s future library. NARA also plans for the transfer of legal custody of those materials when an administration ends, the care of those materials, and the development of the library itself.”  Obama appointed National Archivist David Ferriero was just too busy to help in his legal role of boxing up the Trump Administration classified documents, which an out of office President is allowed to have, but he had plenty of time to work with Jack Smith, the Special Counsel trying to go after former President Trump for Ferriero’s failure to perform his job.  Jack Smith is now the focal point of some conspiracy theories, which as we know, have a 99.7% accuracy rating like the de-bunked claim of Russia, Russia, Russia, Trump, Trump, Trump.  We now know it was FBI Senior Executive Charles McGonigal who was being paid by Russia who created the fraud.

Independent Boards

Independent Boards are also part of this vast, uncountable part of the Deep State.  Presidents can appoint 4,013 personnel total in the Departments, Agencies, and Boards.  Some of these board and independent agency positions are limited to the term of the President, some go beyond that period.  For example, the Federal Archivist has no limit to their tenure (Directors of the Presidential Libraries are also appointees with no tenure).  The Marine Mammal Commission Members also have no tenure limit, whereas the Federal Maritime Commission is five years, the Federal Trade Commission is seven years, and the coveted Postal Regulatory Commission is six years.  All these positions are meant to be enduring and traditionally have transcended Administrations.

But like the Che Guevarra frenzy on the Census procedures, the Che Biden Team savaged the Trump appointments and ran out people like Sean Spicer and Russ Vought from the Naval Academy Visitor’s Board.  This was an internal weaponization and politicization not seen before and set a divisive precedent.  The Biden Revolutionaries may have gotten away with this purge, but they may learn this works both ways in fall of 2024.  A MAGA priority is fanning out with alacrity to purge and dissolve with a righteous and Constitutional passion the nano-second we have the keys.

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