We’re At That 1938 Moment

We’re At That 1938 Moment


John Mills

Leon Trotsky, founder of the Red Army and Stalin’s archrival said words to the effect, “You may not be interested in war. But war is interested in you.”  In 1940, Trotsky found war personally when he was assassinated in his well-guarded compound in Mexico City by one of Stalin’s people.  Mexico for years was a playground for KGB and now FSB personnel, with the American Government essentially ceding Mexico to the foreign adventurism of Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea; a veritable Mos Eisley of international rogues.  Currently, the ungoverned spaces of Mexico are the domain for Chinese overseers of the Drug Cartels as they wage war into America via Fentanyl, killing 10,000 Americans a month.  We may not want war, but it is finding Americans.

This direct, deadly war projected into America, comes across the open southern border by Chinese personnel, possibly Special Operators from the People’s Liberation Army Strategic Support Force (SSF).  The SSF foray into America is but one of many developing regional conflicts and flashpoints that are now the foundation for an already in-progress World War.  If you asked an “expert” in 1938, “Is the world at war?” they likely would have said no and explained there were disconnected regional conflicts in Asia, Europe, and Africa, but nothing to worry about.  By 1939, the “experts” changed their tune.  We’re at that 1938 point, again.

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Regional conflicts in Europe and the Middle East

There appear to be at least fourteen regional/sub-regional conflicts or very flammable flashpoints in play around the world.  Regional Conflict #1 is Ukraine.  This bloody war must be looked at in the context of the “No Limits Agreement” established by China and Russia to topple America.  Putin promised a Russian “Desert Storm” to deliver Ukraine in 72 hours as the first step to take down America.  Last October, Hamas Terrorists poured into Israel to murder and kidnap over 1,400 as the next step of the strategic campaign to destroy Israel and push America out of the Middle East.

The Middle East Theater of the current World War is expanding rapidly beyond Hamas.  Iran is the direct war manager of the Middle East Front as the proxy for China.   Iran is overseeing the largest assault on merchant shipping since the Battle of Atlantic in World War II.  Iran is also directing a concerted effort to eject America from special operation base camps in Iraq and Syria through increasing levels of rocket and ballistic missile attacks.  Iran has also chosen, for some inexplicable reason, to foment conflict with next door, nuclear neighbor Pakistan, oddly enough another Chinese client state.  Rounding out the European/Middle East theater is the very possible thrust by Russia to establish a land bridge across Poland and Lithuania to Kaliningrad which will ignite full warfare across Europe.

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Multiple flashpoints in the Western Pacific and Asia

After the successful election on January 13, 2024, in Taiwan, China now has a quandary.  If they are to take Taiwan before a Trump second term, they need to execute their “railway timetable” of logistics preparation immediately to ensure a beachhead in Taiwan, the Philippines, or another location by April. The typhoon season starts in June.  North Korea has revealed a “Poseidon” like, nuclear powered, nuclear armed, drone, and seems focused on destroying South Korea and Japan.

China is being very assertive in its orchestrated mobocracy of fishermen, militia, and naval vessels essentially taking over Philippine shoals well within the Philippine economic zone.  The Malacca Straits – the very narrow passage way for 25% of world trade and 50% of Chinese energy imports is one of the deadliest Chinese chokepoints.  With pipelines from Iran to China still years away, China must secure this passage point which means a forced presence in Singaporean, Indonesian, and Malaysian territory.

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Most concerning – an invasion across the southern border and dumpster fires in the Americas

Returning to America, the presence of Chinese special operators muscling in on “legal cannabis” operations provides the opportunity to skim the cash rich operations and fund domestic rioting on a far larger scale than 2020.  This is in addition to the killing fields of Fentanyl.  The open border is providing masses to destroy Blue Cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, and New York.  In America’s front yard, flashpoints are raging in the possible invasion of Guyana by Venezuela and a vulnerable and dangerously low Panama Canal.  China has also established spy operations and military training in Cuba, which means “defensive” missiles may already be in place, missiles that could knock an airliner out of skies over Orlando.

World War III is in progress.  Biden can’t be bothered by this minutia as he takes photos with his “Dream Team”.  Not sure which planet this Dream Team is on, but Planet Earth has World War III in progress whether we like it or want it.  The “experts” missed World War II, they are clearly missing the data points on World War III (unless possibly they are willfully enabling the world contagion hoping no one notices).   The digital Fentanyl of TikTok has everyone distracted by Taylor Swift.  November can’t come soon enough.

Image: New York 1938: Source

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