We're Nearing The Four Year Anniversary Of The Great Non-Existent Virus Hoax

We're Nearing The Four Year Anniversary Of The Great Non-Existent Virus Hoax


Mike Stone

Now here we are four years later and people are so fundamentally stupid and asleep at the wheel that they still don't understand what really happened. 
Americans are set to re-elect vaccine murderer Donald Trump.

We're nearing the four year anniversary of the great Virus Hoax. Yup, it was only a handful of years ago when we were told incessantly that perfectly healthy people displaying no symptoms at all were carriers of a deadly disease.

It all seemed so surreal when it took place, and it seems even more surreal today, because almost nobody cares about what happened and almost nobody learned from it. 

If you recall, we were headed straight for Australian-style lockdowns and internment camps, most likely with forced injections. That was the plan. And it was supported by well over half of the population. Americans all across the country were foaming at the mouth and demanding that pure bloods be rounded up and arrested. They couldn't wait to lock us up and watch us suffer. The only reason it didn't happen is because Russia launched a military operation in the Ukraine to rescue their own citizens. That forced the hoax-pushers to divert their time, money, and energy to an unexpected front.And through it all we were constantly mocked and spit on by newscasters, late-night talk show hosts, and dancing nurses. Remember all that? Now here we are four years later and people are so fundamentally stupid and asleep at the wheel that they still don't understand what really happened. My neighborhood remains twenty percent masked. Twenty percent! Four years later!


How many people do you know who died or suffered serious injury from the fake vaccine? I know two people personally who died from it. One was a family member and another was a friend. I know a third person who was perfectly healthy before he took the jab, but now he has advanced cancer. He'll be dead soon. I told all three of them not to take the jab, but they didn't listen.Those are just the people that I know personally who have suffered. I also have an email list with a bunch of names on it and at least nine of the people on that list are now dead because of the jab. I told all of them not to take it, but they didn't listen either. One of them called me a retard, a Q-Tard, and a whole bunch of other names when I told him the jab wasn't safe. Now he's dead. Most disheartening to me are the children, teens, and young people who are dead or seriously injured, because their braindead parents, teachers, and school officials forced them to take a deadly and unsafe fake vaccine. It makes my blood boil.

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