What effect do mRNA “vaccines” have on human consciousness?

What effect do mRNA “vaccines” have on human consciousness?

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The strategies we are currently employing aren’t working. Appealing to published science, data, rational debate, and ethical responsibility is water off a duck’s back. In fact, the response of governments around the world is to bury data and attack those asking questions.

Could it be the case that the genetic processes induced by covid vaccination have curtailed rational thought and promoted indifference to risk? In short, does mRNA vaccination drill down to the interface between consciousness and genetics – interfering with the very basis of mental clarity and physical health?

Cells, Consciousness, Biotechnology, and Intelligence

Dr. Guy Hatchard

In an interview I recorded a couple of weeks ago with Paul Brennan of Reality Check Radio he asked me when I thought the authorities would come to their senses and realise that the“safe and effective” narrative is false. I found myself at a loss for words because I don’t see any indication that it is happening or will anytime soon.

Looking around the world, we see governments doubling down on mRNA vaccination, congratulating each other on their pandemic success (???), controlling the media, and denying their own statistics of unprecedented excess death and vaccine injury. You can’t win an argument without dialogue and rational discussion. We are trying to stop a runaway train without the benefit of brakes.

More worryingly, risky biotechnology experiments are proliferating. Gain-of-function experiments are continuing like THIS one, which could render the monkeypox virus 1000x more lethal than it currently is, by crossing the current mild version circulating in human populations with a deadly strain currently confined to mice populations. Research to put mRNA vaccines in food is also in progress, funded by Bill Gates.

It all comes to a head when you see that New Zealand’s PM and Health Minister publicly received their bivalent shots. They don’t appear to read or understand covid science. Haven’t they worked out that even in the original trials the vaccinated group had higher mortality, now reflected in national data? Or that the risk of injury and death increases with each subsequent covid jab?

It seems to me that we have completely underestimated the causes and extent of our communication problem. The strategies we are currently employing aren’t working. Appealing to published science, data, rational debate, and ethical responsibility is water off a duck’s back. In fact, the response of governments around the world is to bury data and attack those asking questions.

Does biotech medicine undermine rational thought?

Could it be the case that the genetic processes induced by covid vaccination have curtailed rational thought and promoted indifference to risk? In short, does mRNA vaccination drill down to the interface between consciousness and genetics – interfering with the very basis of mental clarity and physical health?

I want to emphasise that this is not a trivial supposition. The internal functioning of cells must be related to the projection of consciousness, yet the relationship between consciousness and genetic function has been largely ignored in considerations of gene editing safety. In the rush to develop biotechnology, there has been a fundamental misapprehension that consciousness can be safely left out of the equation, it can’t.

Currently some research is focusing on the relationship between mental illness caused by trauma and epigenetic dysfunction. Research on mice has established that epigenetic editing can possibly alleviate induced trauma, but more worryingly it can also cause it. The complex physical counterparts of human mental illness are little understood, but it is slowly becoming clear that gene editing can disrupt mental health.

Recently under the title ‘The Gene Illusion that is Killing Us’ I wrote about basic features of cell biology and the implications for mRNA vaccine safety. I suggested that a cell is a self-organising entity whose defining characteristic is its ability to support self-referral consciousness in the whole organism and concluded: “the capacity of cells to network together to support a single conscious entity appears to be a fundamental property of life.”

Through what channels do cellular functions exhibit sentient properties and engage in information exchange?

Chemistry: Cells constantly receive and send chemical signals and extract energy from the chemistry of food.

Water: The quasi crystalline structure of water and its capacity as a universal solvent are essential for inter- and intra-cellular communication.

Electricity: Electrical signals are conveyed along the cell membrane and are often converted into chemical signals conveyed by small messenger molecules called neurotransmitters.

EEG Fields: Many factors substantially shape the extracellular field which modulates cooperative behaviour of cells and extracellular signals.

Shape: Shape is a fundamentally important molecular feature which determines interactions with cellular receptors, ion channels, enzymes, transporters and an array of other complex processes.

Vibration: The transmission of information in cellular systems is believed to be based on emission and resonance of electromagnetic patterns in the infrared frequency range generated by the vibrations of molecules.

Transcription Regulation: Because RNA is the direct output of genetic information, a significant proportion of a cell’s regulatory capabilities are focused on RNA synthesis, processing, transport, modification and translation.

Genetic Identity: Genes contain reference instructions to produce proteins which build the body and guide processes including information transfer. They also help determine the development of inherited traits.

These eight objective properties of cells may be intimately linked with functions of consciousness.

In a parallel description of the fundamentals of life, the Bhagavad Gita (7.4) also describes life as eightfold with five fundamental qualities of matter paired with five senses, then the mind, intellect, and ego. Despite the misleading rough English translation into earth, water, fire, air, and space, the similarity with the above list in an identical order is striking. The Bhagavad Gita is an ancient Indian text whose content inspired some of the founders of quantum mechanics including Einstein. The Gita is fundamentally a text book of consciousness.

An eight-fold nature, or prakriti as it is called in Sanskrit, is considered to be the functioning expression of universal consciousness. We are not talking here as if a single human cell connects with universal consciousness, merely that cells appear to have structures and functions that are analogous to what are considered to be the structures and functions of human consciousness.

How do cellular networks support consciousness?

Cells network together within a single human identity, but they can only do so if they have certain exactly identical characteristics. If a person has a transplant, the body will reject the foreign organ in the absence of a lifelong course of immunosuppressant drugs, just because the organ’s cells aren’t genetically identical.

From this we suppose that only a network of identical genetic characteristics and functions is capable of supporting human health and consciousness. At this point it becomes very hard to maintain that the projection of consciousness from a network of 37 trillion cells is a mechanical process. Rather it is more plausible to suggest that individual consciousness is what holds the cells together, made possible by their identical properties. The readily definable moment when consciousness “leaves” the body at death strengthens this conception.

If, as we have discussed, the cell is the fundamental physical counterpart of individual life and consciousness, we must accept that wide-scale disruption of cellular function, as happens through mRNA vaccination, could have catastrophic consequences for conscious processes. Can it fracture the cellular identity that supports life and trigger immune conflicts? Hospitalisation and excess death data increasingly suggests it does.

In addition to this, mRNA vaccination directly interferes with transcription regulation which, if the analogy with the Gita holds up, could possibly be related to the functioning of intelligence. The intellect is that part of consciousness which chooses or decides and RNA transcription is that process which determines which parts of the genome will be expressed and how.

Biotechnology has surged ahead on a wave of commercial and government investment driven by PR hype that has ignored safety considerations. Once we begin to explore its potential effects on consciousness, the biotech agenda takes on a distinctly transhuman character. If we are to heal the adverse effects of novel and highly invasive biotech medicine, we will have to consider options that restore balance at the most fundamental level of the mind and body—options that balance consciousness.

This may take us out of the intellectual comfort zone of reductionist science, but that is happening anyway in many disciplines of science and the broadening of discussions to include consciousness can only be welcomed. Significant and authoritative sources of knowledge about consciousness can be found in a number of ancient traditions still practiced today.

What if consciousness is primary and matter secondary?

The Indian system of Ayurveda begins its approach to health from the side of consciousness. It considers that our physiology develops under the umbrella of our consciousness. In other words, consciousness is primary and matter secondary. Ayurveda holds that ‘the mistake of the intellect’ (pragyaparadha) is the fundamental cause of disease. Pragyaparadha results from the disruption of our conscious connection to universal consciousness, see HERE for a full discussion of this concept.

Modern science has wrongly equated both knowledge and consciousness with information and procedure (a mistake now being perpetuated by AI systems which have a fundamental difficulty distinguishing truth from falsehood). Essentially downgrading the role of consciousness to that of a library, storehouse, or computer programme.

This conception also fails to recognise consciousness as an integral feature of the laws of nature. In fact, it is impossible to formulate consistent laws of physics and cosmology without reference to consciousness. Ayurveda goes further and identifies universal consciousness as the source of natural law and knowledge in general.

We have discussed possible relationships between consciousness and genetics in many articles so far, but we haven’t examined how we might begin to repair mRNA vaccine damage. Consciousness and matter are two sides of one coin. There are approaches from both sides that are known to benefit the individual and society. If consciousness is primary and matter secondary as Ayurveda suggests, consciousness-based approaches to health could be among our most promising health interventions.

How do we rebalance psychosocial dysfunction?

Divisions and social isolation caused by pandemic policies including lockdowns and vaccine mandates, have apparently had a much larger effect on mental and physical health than previously realised. A Norwegian study ‘Prevalence and Characteristics Associated With Post–COVID-19 Condition Among Nonhospitalized Adolescents and Young Adults’ has found that psychosocial factors are of overwhelming importance in the development of so-called long covid but NOT covid infection itself (read Dr. Vinay Prasad, Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) discussing these startling findings HERE).

In 1996 I published a paper in Psychology, Crime and Law entitled ‘The Maharishi Effect: A model for social improvement. Time series analysis of a phase transition to reduced crime in Merseyside metropolitan area’. This documented the effect of a model village created to offer opportunities to practice meditation which dramatically reduced crime rates in the surrounding port city of Liverpool and its population of 1.5 million. The project eventually won a British Urban Renewal Award.

More than 50 scientific papers examining this effect in multiple settings around the world have been published. I discuss this widely verified effect of reduced crime, violence, and conflict, along with increased economic activity and reduced social stress, in the final three chapters of my book ‘Your DNA Diet’. Development of consciousness through individual and collective meditation is provably a powerful force for social justice and wellbeing. There are a number of others with ancient roots.

Ayurveda offers many approaches to mental and physical health. As well as meditation these include yoga and breathing exercises. In addition, there are herbal preparations for individuals to take.

In order to further realise the benefits of consciousness-based natural approaches to health, new institutions of learning and medicine need to be explored. Educational institutions that develop consciousness can be cornerstones of society. One such school founded as part of the Merseyside project, is now fully funded by the UK government. Its pupils have won numerous academic and artistic awards.

These consciousness-based approaches to health might seem counterintuitive to many, but they are open to scientific testing and verification. They offer a possibility to silently help rebalance our polarised collective consciousness without conflict or rancour.

In summary, we can acknowledge subjective or consciousness-based approaches to learning that complement and coexist with objective means of gaining knowledge. This does not mean that criteria of scientific validity need be abandoned, quite the reverse, but it does mean that the exclusion of consciousness from science should be abandoned. Consciousness exists and it is a moving force of life, all life.

Biotechnology deliberately ignores the connection between consciousness and genetics. This omission may be the ultimate driver of the unfolding pandemic disaster. GLOBE is promoting a campaign for Global Legislation Outlawing Biotechnology Experimentation.

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Dylan Eleven • Truth11.com

The covid vaccines have been called the mark of the beast since before they were launched.  

The predictions in the book of revelations describing the mark of the beast could be actually describing the mass covid vaccination campaign.  There are many similarities that can be drawn.

Regarding those who have received the mark not being allowed into heaven; Could the mRNA vaccines ability to affect our cells, causing a disconnection to our consciousness,  be the key to this concept.

Those who are vaccinated have been changed, they are no longer human as has been stated in the courts. Many vaccinated people report they feel they have been cut off from their connection to god.

By altering our cells ability to communicate with consciousness, the connection with what is beyond the physical could obviously be affected.