When ‘Divide and Conquer’ Unites and Enrages | 3 of 3

When ‘Divide and Conquer’ Unites and Enrages | 3 of 3


J.B. Shurk

In two previous essays, I have discussed popular nullification in the context of the American people rejecting the State’s propaganda and withdrawing their respect for the rule of law.  As the U.S. and other Western governments continue to engage in a cognitive war against their own citizens, an increasing share of Western populations will conclude that their own institutions have been secretly targeting them as enemies.  Because the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and other globalist bodies have chosen to spread falsehoods (first they panicked about “global cooling” before pushing the more terrifying “global boiling,” after all) in a calculated campaign to sow public fear and drive public policy, authority figures have forfeited the public’s trust.  As Western governments and their international coalitions (e.g., the World Health Organization) respond to the public’s rejection of their authority by imposing new censorship and surveillance rules on society, the fracture separating the governing from the governed will widen into an unbridgeable crevasse.  

Western institutions have decided that a mixture of fear, lies, and coercive mandates (including vaccine passports, carbon allowances, central bank digital currencies, and social credit scores) will provide sufficient soft power to bring Western populations to heel.  It’s a bold gamble that overestimates the cunning of those globalist leaders who execute it, while underestimating the public fury that will eventually be unleashed.  What is more, globalists have already committed a fatal strategic error: they have set in motion events that will ultimately unite disparate blocs of society against their continued monopoly on power.

“Divide and conquer” has always been the most effective way to subdue a population.  Machiavellian leaders in the West use this tactic to great effect.  Brexiters who defend their national sovereignty against arbitrary edicts from unaccountable Eurocrats are demonized as xenophobic “bigots.”  European leaders from countries that were fortunate enough to exist beyond the reach of the Soviet Union’s Iron Curtain rarely speak about the economic harms and murderous atrocities that arise under communism but are quick to mischaracterize any organized opposition to socialism or collectivism as “far right,” “extreme,” or “neo-Nazi.”  European propaganda is so invested in the Big Lie that human energy consumption will cause a global apocalypse that governments look the other way when brainwashed citizens destroy pipelines supplying lifesaving hydrocarbons for heat and electricity.  And new “hate speech” laws have not only fostered an unsavory predilection for censorship but also divided Westerners into classes and castes — some that are stringently protected from public criticism and others that are unjustly targeted for harassment.  When it is “legal” to be an illegal immigrant but “illegal” to complain that authorities have undermined social cohesion through their reckless mass migration policies, European governments have plainly chosen to foment public division.

American politicians are no different.  They divide blacks against whites, illegal immigrants against citizens, women against men, the young against the old, even Northern states against the South.  There is no attempt to use public policy as a means of generating unity and common cause; every political squabble is pushed toward extreme limits that force Americans into debilitating zero-sum games.  If it seems as if politicians want Americans at each other’s throats over abortion, illegal immigration, the minimum wage, COVID mandates, religious faith, sexual biology, cheap energy, and free speech, that’s because the overarching policy of the U.S. government is to keep the American people sufficiently divided to be easily controlled.

In the last fifteen years, this “divide and conquer” maneuver has begun to break down.  When Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Bush-allied Republicans openly attacked Tea Party conservatives’ attempts to rein in government spending and socialized medicine, a substantial number of Republican voters saw the Uniparty clearly for the first time.  They realized that most Republican and Democrat representatives only pretend to fight.  The easiest way for the Deep State to maintain control over government institutions is to create the illusion that two political parties represent the people and battle each other when, in fact, they jointly represent the Deep State and wage war against the American people.  

When [controlled opposition, genocidal vaccine pusher] Donald Trump managed to defeat Hillary Clinton and survive both Deep State and Establishment Republican sabotage, the fake two-party system became apparent.  Both during and after his presidency, Donald Trump’s resiliency in the face of unrelenting legal attacks has opened the minds of Americans across the political spectrum.  He has more black, Hispanic, and blue-collar support than any Republican in generations.  He has accomplished this historic feat despite the efforts of Democrats and corporate news media to flood the public sphere with false charges that he is a dangerous racist and despite the efforts of Uniparty agents such as Paul Ryan to falsely portray Trump as incapable of appealing to minority voters.  The shift toward Trump from voters the Uniparty has kept segregated for many decades is a potent indicator that the efficacy of the U.S. government’s “divide and conquer” warfare is crumbling.

In the background of Donald Trump’s rise as a leader, a number of social “awakenings” have picked up steam.  Americans now see how colossal, multinational corporations exert undue influence on the U.S. government.  Americans understand how so-called “free trade” agreements have destroyed industrial and manufacturing towns, impoverished blue-collar workers, and shifted wealth to overseas hubs — often inside nations hostile to the United States.  As corporate boardrooms and government agencies institutionalize racism and “transgender” delusions through DEI initiatives, “woke” rule-making, and other culturally Marxist demagoguery, Americans realize that Big Government and Big Business conspire to undermine their families, faith, and heritage.  As inflation rages, personal savings dwindle, and families live paycheck-to-paycheck, Americans have a much better grasp of how the Federal Reserve (a private central bank disguised as a vital government office) has replaced reliable gold money with worthless paper currencies that have enabled profligate lawmakers to print and spend trillions on the path toward economic collapse.  And after Barack Obama and Eric Holder retooled George Bush’s and Dick Cheney’s Patriot Act into a domestic surveillance system that targets political enemies, the American people are painfully aware that the Intelligence Community despotically tracks their movements and spies on their private communications in explicit violation of the Fourth Amendment’s safeguards against warrantless searches devoid of probable cause.  As these various “awakenings” have taken hold, more Americans have accepted that the greatest threats to their peace, prosperity, and freedom come from the collection of State actors, corporate oligarchs, and international clubs that seek their submission.  

In other words, a growing share of the American population sees clearly for the first time that the scourge of totalitarianism has metastasized virulently across the West and here at home.

This new public awareness that many of the political and economic institutions once accorded immense respect have instead betrayed the public’s confidence will have profound ramifications.  Perhaps for the first time since America’s founding, the public’s wrath is focused on government tyranny and economic warfare.  The days of the FBI being seen as the “good guys” are long over.  Financial titans such as BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street no longer dictate public policy from the shadows; a bright spotlight shines on their emissaries in the White House and Congress.  Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, and other Dr. Evils intent on treating human beings as disposable game pieces and using food and energy markets as life-and-death leverage to extort the world are broadly recognized as the megalomaniacal menaces they are.  Even many combat veterans and law enforcement officers — some of the country’s most loyal and patriotic citizens — are openly condemning open border policies and misguided military engagements as self-destructive time bombs that compound misery and preclude peace.  

The tremors we feel today promise a devastating social earthquake still to come.

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