When Two Tribes Go To War

When Two Tribes Go To War

Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com

War is waged by the few who own both sides as a part of the depopulation agenda.

War is designed to kill millions of young fit healthy soldiers to take them out of the population as they are the biggest actual threat to the cabal.

If the enlisted soldiers of earth united with each other and performed military operations to route out the controlling few that eagerly sends them to their deaths for the latest made up cause; we would have world peace in about 24 hours.

The way the First World War ended was both sides united and refused to fight.

Our site mission statement that we have had for 18 years is : Armed with the truth, united we stand.  The truth will set us free.

This mission strategy is simple and highly applicable to this and all situations when dealing with the genocidal criminally insane leaders of the cabal.

Let’s spell it out for all those in service to the cabal:

Armed with the truth:

Knowing the truth allows you to see who the real enemy is.  

Do you think it is a fellow human being who was told the same bullshit you were told but is on the other side?

Or is the enemy the evil few thet have already proven their genocide agenda with the killer vaccine?

All the leaders work for the same few who are using this and every war as a means of population reduction.

Why do You think they shot you up with a killer vaccine?  To make you stronger to fight their cause.  No. To kill you.  Which hurts their cause and proves  that they do not care about the latest cause or reason for war.

They don’t want to win.  They just want to kill you and everyone else.

They have their underground cities.  Many of you will not be invited.

United We Stand:

99% of humanity will unite against these genocidal few.  People in the armed forces you have our support.

Unity across every nation, in all armed forces to work together to arrest and try all responsible for the covid vaccine genocide, is a great way get things started. This will round up a lot of those responsible and get us all united on a similar path.

In addition, every intelligence agency, service man and service woman on the planet working to arrest the true enemies of humanity would end this war and stop further depopulation.  

Time to think outside of the box boys and girls in uniform.

And as far as putting yourselves out of a job.  I think you will find the gratitude of the people of the world for world peace will make you rich and you can retire next week or contine to proudly stand guard for freedom and humanity to ensure this outcome lasts.

The alternative is more genocide, and the potential for nuclear war with the evil few hiding it out in their underground cities.

At 1 second to midnight as was just announced.  The time has come to choose.

The Truth Will Set Us Free

The true enemy is known.  They have committed genocide by killer vaccine.  They will continue committing genocide with war.  

The truth is 99% of us all want peace.

The truth is the unity of armed forces could easily arrest the evil few.   Following orders is no excuse for global genocide.  

The truth is we are already free and working together - With the exception of an evil few.  

The truth is we outnumber them and the only way they will win is if we fight each other for them.

This truth will set you free from any obligation to such an evil plan.  

The truth will align us all to combat the real enemy.

The truth is the only people who want war is the evil few that don’t actually fight it themselves. They only want war to kill both sides.

I think that Frankie goes to Hollywood had it right in their eighties video (below).   If two tribes want to go to war then let the politicians get in a ring to fight it out.  Let them fight to the death and settle their differences and everyone else just watches.

This won’t happen.  Not because they are cowardly (which they are) to get in the ring.   It won’t happen because they actually don’t have a beef with each other.  They work for the same people.

All wars are banker wars, why would this one be any different.

Both sides kill their own populations with a genocidal vaccine, which proves they are both trying to depopulate. They are both working towards the same goal.

War is a collaboration of intent to further depopulate.  Wether they know it or not.

Armed with the truth, United we stand. The Truth Will Set Us Free.