Why is the U.S. government pursuing war with Russia-China but not preparing for war with Russia-China? = Because They Want To Lose

Why is the U.S. government pursuing war with Russia-China but not preparing for war with Russia-China? = Because They Want To Lose


Leo Hohmann | LeoHohmann.com

The entity in Washington that calls itself the government seems to be hell-bent on war with Russia-China-Iran, deliberately placing itself on a collision course that can only lead to World War III.

And if World War II was exponentially more bloody and deadly than World War I, we should assume that World War III will be exponentially more bloody and deadly than World War II.

And yet this entity in Washington is not acting like a government preparing for what would be the biggest, nastiest, most devastating war in the history of mankind, involving all manner of weapons, conventional and non-conventional, of mass destruction.

We are not talking about Iraq under Saddam Hussein, or Afghanistan under the Taliban. This entity in Washington is poking a bear that has the world’s largest and most sophisticated nuclear arsenal on the one hand (Russia) and the world’s largest standing army (China) on the other.

Our enemies, Russia and China, are stockpiling wheat and petroleum in preparation for war.

But the U.S. is selling off its wheat and petroleum.

In fact, the US exported a record amount of wheat in September. Why?

Even more shocking, the top three recipients of U.S. wheat last year were Mexico, Philippines and China. That trend has continued into 2022 despite the fact that China is siding with Russia against the U.S.-NATO in a major realignment of nations. World War III will be fought to determine who gets to call the shots in the new world order.

You can see which nations are receiving the bulk of U.S. wheat in the graph below. Most of them make sense, but why is China number 3?

China is the economic leader of a growing coalition of nations that would like to see the U.S. knocked off its perch as the world’s policeman and the U.S. dollar replaced as the world’s reserve currency.

According to Christian Westbrook, who has been closely following world grain movements for years and runs the Ice Age Farmer YouTube channel, there is no longer any strategic grain reserve in the U.S.

“It was liquidated  over a decade ago,” Westbrook said in a Telegram post this morning. “Just like (the Biden administration) are draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve now.”

The United States is being “set up for incomprehensibly massive failure,” Westbrook stated in the Telegram post.

The global wheat supply has been massively disrupted because of the Russia-Ukraine war. Both nations are major wheat producers.

These draw-downs in the U.S. national stockpiles of diesel fuel and grain stocks are particularly worrisome given the context of today’s geo-political climate – notably the fact that the superpowers are on a collision course toward World War III and neither side is backing down.

If you knew that World War III was right around the corner, which the Biden administration clearly must know as the leader of NATO, which has been stoking war with Russia ever since Biden took office, would you be drawing down key supplies needed during a chaotic war time economy? Things like petroleum and wheat? No, you would be building up your stockpiles of such commodities, just as Russia and China have been doing over the last two years.

But it gets even worse.

Not only is the Biden administration not stocking up on fuel and key grains such as wheat, it is shipping these key commodities out, and not just to allies but to our enemy in China.

And that’s not all this administration is doing while rushing toward World War III with Russia-China.

So let’s take a look at all the other things no rational government would be doing if it knew it was on a collision course with a nuclear-armed opponent with the stakes being who gets to control the new world order.

  • Opening the Southern border so the enemy can sneak in terrorists to form sleeper cells capable of striking deep inside America’s soft under belly.
  • Spewing divisive language that splits America into factions that hate each other. If you knew you were heading toward a world war you would be trying to unite the nation, not divide it. Yet, this is exactly what Biden did on his ominous September 1 “Soul of America” speech, and he did it again last night, November 2, when he accused his political opponents, Republicans, of every evil motive imaginative.
  • Sending billions of dollars in military hardware and ammunition to Ukraine, drawing down supplies available to the U.S. military for defense of the homeland.
  • Mandating U.S. military personnel to get an experimental mRNA injection, which has led many to retire or quit the military and created a recruiting crisis at the very time we need more Americans in the military if we are heading into World War III.
  • Sending actual troops to Ukraine, which they now admit has been happening in an “inspector” role, which is likely a forerunner to actual combat. The U.S. is ill-prepared to defend the homeland while also fighting Russians in Europe and potentially Chinese making a play for Taiwan or elsewhere in Asia and Iran gearing up to attack Israel in the Middle East. This presents a potential three-front war. The U.S. military, according to a study by the Heritage Foundation, is not strong enough to fight on two fronts, let along three.
  • Allowing railroad workers conditions to deteriorate to the point of a potential strike, capable of shutting down rail transportation.
  • Allowing America’s diesel stockpiles to dwindle to historic lows, less than a 25-day supply at last count.

None of this adds up. Either this administration knows something we don’t about war being averted, or it is setting us up to lose World War III.

That would shake up the world order in a hurry. It would expedite the global digital currency, replacing the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency and relegating the U.S. to second-class status following a humiliating defeat to Russia, China, et al.

Oh, and expect NATO member Turkey to officially switch sides as soon as the missiles start flying. There is no way Turkey’s wily Islamist dictator, President Erdogan, is going down with this ship.

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