From SpaceX to Twitter: Some of the occult symbolism behind the Letter ‘X’

DavidIcke.com | Neil Hague

The billionaire Founder, CEO, Lead Designer of SpaceX, Founder of X.com (now PayPal) seems to be obsessed with the letter ‘X’, hence the recent tweets heralding the change to the Twitter logo.

According to an article in businessinsider.com, in 2020, Musk and Grimes (singer Claire Elise Boucher) named their son, ‘X Æ A-12 Musk’. Most wouldn’t know or care too much about the symbolism, but the couple clarified the meaning of their child’s name back then (According to the couple’s tweets) as, ‘X Ash Archangel’. For Musk, ‘X’ is considered the ‘unknown variable’. Yet, the X symbolism and its occult meaning is clearly known by those in the mystery schools.

Russell Brand’s TV show, ‘Brand X’ was another example of the play on the X sigil. The late-night talk show, stand-up comedy television series that premiered on the ‘FX’ channel, fronted by Russell ‘Brand’, in 2012-13 didn’t hide its use of the X symbol, too. The show, seemed to be designed to ‘grab attention’ (our minds) and focus energy on Brand as a semi-religious TV Icon. You see, the ‘Brand’ is important (excuse the pun), but so is the ‘spell’ being cast through the symbol itself. Such symbolism can be blatant, sometimes coincidental, but the ‘subconscious mind’ still laps it up. Hence the possible changes to Twitter’s ‘brand’, or logo. Let us look at just a few esoteric examples of the X symbol.

X Signs and Symbolism

The ‘X’ symbol-letter is everywhere.

We see its use in language (words) and runic symbols including talismans stretching back to ancient times. The letter X is the third least-used letter in the alphabet often to express ‘extraordinary concepts’. The word ‘nexus’ is a good example of the power of the letter ‘X’, which means to ‘connect’ or ‘link’ (by association) two or more people, or things. Words such as ‘exalt’, ‘exhale’, ‘expand’, ‘exclude’, ‘excite’, ‘experiment’ and ‘exotic’ are mere samplings of what I am talking about. X is also a symbol for the ‘female’ (the goddess) and unique magic connected to the femine ‘divine’ energy. So, in no way am I suggesting the X symbol has purely malevolent connotations.

The word ‘Aleph’ is derived from the West Semitic word for ‘OX’, and the shape of this letter derives from a Canaanite glyph that may have been based on an Egyptian hieroglyph depicting an ox’s head. The ox (see the elite city of Oxford) is the bull of Taurus (Tau) and the words ALEPH – KA – CHi – ALPHA – OX, use oblique lines, much like a simple latin X, to connect them (see below). Taurus and Orion are fundamentally connected, for more on this see my books.

The Egyptian god, ‘Heka’ (a word for magic), according to the Pyramid Texts, is a supernatural energy that the gods possess. All the deities (or Netjer) and supernatural beings of ancient Egypt had their own ‘Heka’, an intrinsic part of their nature, as much as their bodies and unique names. Just as the Netjer had Heka, so did the forces of chaos, symbolised as the great serpent, ‘Apep’ (or Apophis, who, for the Egyptians, existed in the watery abyss called Nun). Heka is also seen carrying serpents’ (energy) making the X shape and belonged to a more ancient group of deities (below right). A 13th-century Islamic manuscript illustration, taken from the ‘Suwar al-kawakib’ (1417), which is a later copy of a work commonly known as the ‘Book of the Fixed Stars’ (964AD), shows the constellation of Orion depicted as a ‘star man’ (or X man) forming an ‘X shape (see below).

Orion (top left) as the X. The XO (ER) symbol (middle) Is a modern day version of the Saturn – death symbol and an esoteric symbol by definition? Heka (right) is the magician and commander of ‘chaos’.

Usually, the meaning of an X is defined when it is first used, but sometimes its meaning is assumed to be understood. You could say the use of an ‘X’ is the epitome of the ‘unspoken word’ and therefore the letter ‘X’ seems to be part of an ‘esoteric magical code’ connected to the stars, not least Orion himself. This is why we see the Egyptian god, Osiris, who is also the ‘Orion Man’ making the X symbol with his rods or sometimes his folded arms. Orion symbolism is hugely connected to the X. For more on this subject, see my book Orion’s Door. Other origins of the X letter can be seen in the Phoenician ‘Taw’, the ‘Aleph’ and the runic letter ‘Gebo’ for example.

The X can be found in modern insignias such as flags, logos and heraldic devices, not least the skull and bones flag flown by pirates and adopted by the Vatican (not so much to symbolise their centuries of pirate- like grand theft), but as a symbol of the ‘keys’ to heaven. In terms of numerology, ‘X’ = 10, which is the number of the ‘door’of Downing Street in London – the residency of the UK ‘Prime’ Minister. The Babylonian lion-headed door knocker below the number 10 (X) Downing Street is another symbol for the Gnostic Demiurge. The number 10 and X are interchangable.

The official coat of arms for Amsterdam, three X’s also flanked by ‘Babylonian Lions’ and the crown of Maximilian, also enforces the ‘power of three’ (Triple X) through its symbolism. The heraldic shield was said to have been adapted from the wealthy Knight, Jan Persijn’s, Family Coat of Arms and relates to the three towns on the river Amstel.

The original X Factor, or 3 stars (see Orion’s belt).

Most people will see the Triple X element to the shield (which some might think of the ‘three judges’ on the X Factor), but I see ancient magic at workin the symbolism. Amsterdam (which gave us New Amsterdam – New York), was an important centre for the creation of the first ‘central bank’ (the Swedish Riksbank).

X Marks the Spot

The many uses of ‘X’ symbolism in corporate logos, products, and in the movies is also part of the ‘magic spell’ being cast by forces (magicians) which I feel are working through darker aspects of Orion consciousness. The ‘X spell’ is being cast through warning symbols, through to icons of ‘desire’ and ‘fame’, all of which speak to the subconscious mind. Like I say, the X is used to draw our attention, to mesmerize us and to keep many of us busy ‘buying into’ the material world. Here are just a few:

Max Factor, excel X, Halifax, Experian, Fed Ex, AXA, Disney XD, Television X, Netflix, Extra Strong Mints (XXX), the X factor, Optrex, Nexxt, Pepsi Max, Sony Xperia X10, Xbox, Xerox, Mascara X, Malcolm X, Planet X, Generation X, Brand X, and the X Files

In Plato’s Timaeus, it is explained that two bands form the soul of the world, which form a cross like the letter X. Plato’s analogy, along with several other examples of X shapes and the ’ChI’ (X) symbol relate to interconnectedness of all things. The symbol occurs in the work of Sir Thomas Browne’s (1605-82) discourse, The Garden of Cyrus (1658). X is seen in everything and once revealed it is a powerful symbol, revealing the balance between male and female; heaven and earth. It is also said to signify equilibrium within each individual. The ‘X’ was used by an ‘individual’ when signing important documents before the times of mass literacy, writing an X instead of one’s name was equivalent to saying, ‘I am X’ or ‘I am a sovereign’ leaving my mark.

The lattice X lozenge also appears in the Sigil (spirit) of Saturn or Solomon, which offers an origin of the Freemasonic compass symbol. Lozenges also appear as symbols in ancient classic element systems, in amulets, and in other religious symbolism (see my books). They are the diamond lozenge suit found in the playing card deck, one of four suits; the number four becoming relevant to the X. Part of the Seal of Solomon also shows an X symbol within a circle, which also has two pyramids meeting at the apex. The X created out of the joined pyramids gives us the balance of heaven and earth, but also the mortality of life bringing death ‘over time’.

In this way, the X is an ‘hourglass’, or a measurer of time, carried by the god, Cronos (Saturn). The two triangles that form the X shape are also featured in the Scientology logo, interlocked by a snake-like letter ‘S’. And it’s no suprise that the X (hourglass) of Extinction Rebellion is also symbol focused on death (Saturn). Magic was being worked and spells had been cast when XR arrived on the scene.

Interestingly, the same symbolism is also on the BBC Broadcasting house, positioned below an Eye of Providence (Saturn) symbol, with eight spokes out of which a slightly distorted X could be drawn. Where did Extinction Rebellion take their protest to in the autumn of 2019? The BBC building of course with the same symbolism on its façade.

The XR logo contains both the ‘X’ and the ‘O’; in some esoteric traditions the ‘X’ is the male and the ‘O’ the female (Adam and Eve). Together they represent a magical union and connect to the ‘Mark of the Beast’. Ceremonial magician, Kenneth Grant, who was secretary and personal assistant to the elite, British occultist Aleister Crowley mentions the ‘O’ and the ‘X’ as symbols relating to a Celtic god called ‘Nodens’ (the god of the Abyss). Is Musk’s obession with the X really a focus on the god of the Abyss (death)?

In line with the ‘extinction’ theme, the UK Sun newspaper ran an article in late 2019 (when the Covid spell was being cast) headed: NO ONE IS SAFE Disease X outbreak that could ‘kill 80 million’ is ‘on the horizon’. Again, the ‘X’ was being used to both ‘panic’ and ‘mesmerise’ the masses into believing a deadly plague, dubbed by the WHO as ‘Disease X’ (another flu-like illness) was on its way to kill the global population. Yawn.

To sum up, consider the words of esoteric writer Ellis C Taylor:

The Cabal are waging an esoteric and exoteric war on humanity, and the ‘X’ is clearly one of their sigils (their mark).

So why do you think Mr Musk (who is obessed with the ‘X’ symbol) wants to change the Twitter logo? What ‘Hex’ or ‘spell’ is being cast on the collective mind?

I’ll leave that for you to ponder on.

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