They Re-Named The Flu In 2020 • They Called It COVID-19

They Re-Named The Flu In 2020 • They Called It COVID-19

Dylan Eleven •

Since the beginning of 2020 I have reported that they re-named the flu symptoms COVID-19, that there is no new virus and the whole covid scam was a lie to force people into getting a deadly injection to depopulate the planet.

After continuing to research and report on this subject since then, my stance is still the same, there is no such thing as COVID-19.  Every article I have read, every research paper, every eye witness testimony, every freedom of information request have shown that there is no COVID-19.

They are now talking about the latest non existent strain of the flu which has been renamed covid-19 to bring back lockdowns and mask mandates.

Dr Vernon Coleman put this list together that shows the symptoms that are officially being promoted as the latest strain of COVID, compared to the symptoms of the flu.

This list of symptoms and chart puts to rest any question; The flu was renamed.  

The masses must see this simple chart and list.    They must not comply again.

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Round 2 • Do Not Comply
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