Round 2 • Do Not Comply

Round 2 • Do Not Comply

Dylan Eleven •

In the past the masses understood certain rudimentary sayings that helped them get through life.   Sayings such as; "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me".  A successful way to ignore bullies and not be bothered by other peoples rude comments, and to avoid being provoked into violence.

Another saying is "Once bitten, twice shy", illustrating peoples ability to learn from their mistakes and not make them again.  Or at least be cautions the second time.

"Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me".  Is another saying illustrating the same point.   That we wont be fooled twice.

These simple sayings used to be in the vocabulary of the masses.  Are they still?

The first one is gone; "Sticks and stones..." because half the country can't handle the truth and hide behind vocal injury.  A 5 year old in the 70s. had more resilience than some adults today.

What about the other two, "Twice bitten..." and "fool me once..."?  Will the masses remember these simple sayings and learn from round one of covid lies, lockdowns and mask madness, followed by several rounds of genocide via not safe and effective lethal injections?; Or will they willingly follow the herd off a cliff again and even harder this time, to some how prove in their minds they were not duped the first time?

Do you think the masses have learned?  Or will admit they were wrong?

Anyone still promoting the lie of COVID and the killer vaccines are complicit in genocide and should be arrested accordingly.   Anyone asking us to mask up again needs to understand that they are not helping anyone and they should refuse to ask people or be a part a farce.

Mass non compliance even more so in round 2 is required.  The truth warriors will not comply, the masses must also not comply.

If you need help, go to your nearest truth warrior.   You will find them, they wont be wearing a mask.

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