It Is Not Over | It Has Just Begun

It Is Not Over | It Has Just Begun

Todd Hayden |

Is it over? Will people continue to die due to the Covid vaccines? Or have the excess deaths hit their peak? Or should I keep worrying about all of my friends and family who got jabbed?

A recent newspaper article (UK’s The Telegraph) boasted the headlines:

“Covid vaccines may have helped fuel rise in excess deaths.”

This made a bit of a splash in social media because apparently it is the first (or at least one of the first) “mainstream media” admissions to the jab having any correlation at all to excess deaths.

Needless to say, the “Fact Checkers” all came out from under their assorted rocks to poo-poo such a thing, blabbing various incredulous “facts” such as, “not all scientists agree!” Oh my, that would stop me in my tracks, wouldn’t it you? The “fact” “not all scientists agree” makes the newspaper headline closer to believability than otherwise. Duh.

Anyhow, we are indeed seeing quite a few similar “limited hangout” confessions from a variety of sources. But what makes a source “mainstream?” Hard to tell actually, most of them are owned by some oligarch somewhere, so what isn’t “mainstream”? Got me. I think the “I will believe only from this source” mantra will narrow the mainstream choices quite a bit as time goes on. If more “mainstream” rags such as The Telegram continue to make such preposterous claims, there will become fewer and fewer rags considered by sheep to be mainstream.

I digress.

Is it over? Of course not. Did you think so? I doubt it. Certainly many sheep think that the “Pandemic” is over, that maybe Covid is over (although the agenda keeps beating that dead horse—I suppose you can still squeeze blood out of a turnip). It is actually difficult to tell what sheep think. They are so “sheep-y.”

I guess if you just turn on the TV and listen to a few of their idols, it is pretty easy to figure out. But if this is your method of understanding what cotton-tail the sheep will be following next, make sure you watch/listen 24/7, because in the endless game of “follow the leader,” the leader (or at least what the leader is pointing to) changes at the drop of a hat.

Sadly, there are probably many more to die of the Covid jab. Chronic heart issues, brain issues, immune system compromise, cancers, stillbirths, infertility (which is an indirect way to get rid of useless eaters). Some of it may slow down, but this may just be a lull in the storm, and maybe it will all pick up with a vengeance not yet seen. Give it time.

I’ll throw in this quote from a recent interview Dr. Sherri Tenpenny made. Remember her? She was the one that said everyone who took the jab will be dead in five years (I could not vet if she made this quote, although I do remember her saying it, any links? Anyone? Anyone?)

She is in the same bucket with her “outrageous” predictions as Dr. Vanden Bossche—these folks always make me think of the Jimmy Stewart movie No Highway in the Sky where Stewart, an aircraft expert/engineer of sorts, insists some new-fangled airplane is going to fall apart after a certain number of hours of service. Everyone thinks he is nuts, and insists his predictions are poppycock nonsense. Well…watch the movie.

And keep in mind, regarding Tenpenny’s prediction, five years ain’t up yet, and lots of folks have died thus far. Dr. Sherri says it’s not over yet:

“This isn’t over, this is just an inhale before the next exhale. This is just the pause before the next storm. So, people need to stay in the game, they need to understand what happened, and why. And they need to understand that censorship is real. When Tedros (Adhanom Ghebreyesus-director general of the WHO) came out at the World Health Organization (World Health Assembly) meeting this last week and says we need to go after the anti-vaxxers because they were the ones that stopped us from getting this bioweapon into the arm of every single human being on the planet. “We need to shut them down.” This was just another level of censorship, and it’s not stopping, and it is going to start again real soon.”


Well, most of you know me well enough to know I agree with Tenpenny’s speculation. Sadly, I do. And I believe in Vanden Bossche as well. Although I am not holding my breath for the world to end soon. Lots can happen in a lot of different ways. And we simply cannot be certain of the timeline. This all could take just a few years (or months!) to chug back up to speed and beyond, or it could take years. There are advantages to the agenda either way it goes.

One thing Tenpenny says that is absolute truth in my opinion, is the agenda’s effort to get a needle into every arm of every human being on earth. If you look at it this way, you can see how it all makes a bit more sense. It doesn’t have to be Covid jabs, it can be Bird Flu, Monkey Pox, Disease X, pricks. It can even be the regular yearly flu shot! If you get down to it, it can be just about anything. Certainly, any sort of vaccine or shot of any kind, is game. Food, chemtrails, tainted water, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas. Maybe some of these methods are more efficient than others, but I would not eliminate any of them as a possible way to get mRNA into our bodies.

Of course, if you have not ventured all the way down the rabbit hole you may be exclaiming right now, “Balderdash!” (or something less antiquated) “That Todd guy is a fool!” Yeah, yeah, I wouldn’t argue with you on that one. But if I am a fool, I am not the only fool out there. Many of you have ventured way down that hole and know just what I am talking about.

If you take this perspective, you of course know it isn’t over yet. And if you take this perspective, you will know that the way Covid was handled was not “a mistake” or resulting from “we did the best we could with what we knew.”

You will also know it was not a plan of profit, i.e., all drummed up so that Fauci et al and Pfizer, and any of the other con men who put it all together could make untold billions of dollars. No, it isn’t that easy I’m afraid. It is much more sinister than that.

Hold onto your hat. The craziest part of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is about to begin.


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