WWIII • The Quiet War is a Hybrid War

WWIII • The Quiet War is a Hybrid War

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This Planned Chaos article is part 1 of a 3-part series. These articles had been completed in November of last year but were held until now. These 3 articles about WWIII, the Great Reset, and Why They Do This? form a thorough explanation of the craziness we’re seeing in the world today, who’s behind it, what they aim to achieve, and why they’re so evil. We hope that people will be receptive to this information now, and it will have a better chance to inform and wake up more people in key positions.

World War III: The Beginnings

World War III is upon us now. According to the leaked documents of the Rockefeller Plan and the Bilderberg’s playbook as appeared in William Cooper’s Behold A Pale Horse, it was ordered to begin in 1954.

The original strategy was to destroy humanity for the gain of elites, slowly over time in what they termed the “Quiet War.” Planned Chaos has focused on the tactics of the Quiet War which the plan called “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.” The war is hybrid, including weapons of the psychological nature, financial, chemical, AI, cultural, and kinetic.

Recently, the hybrid war took a turn to include divisive tactics, the recent fires, the climate “crisis”, moral values, and media manipulation all being broadly cast at overwhelmingly loud amplification. The goal has always been to seed unrest, confusion, and division among the population and its targeted at western democracies, primarily the United States. The US is the last bastion of freedom in the world and the rulers can’t have that.

The recent amplification

The amplification of the long-planned hybrid war began in late 2019 when the NIH funded, [alleged] lab-engineered coronavirus was released [fake pandemic started] from the Wuhan lab under the COVID-19 program. (Certificate of Vaccine Identification – 2019)

What the MSM eventually termed the [fake] lab leak theory had been reported by our intel sources at the time through Benjamin Fulford and based on insider intel of 17 intelligence agencies. Information about who Fauci, Gates, GAVI, and other conspirators were and how big pharma had already applied for patents on [bioweapons] vaccines were publicly available from sources at the outset, as were the long-reported plans of the New World Order in various forms.

The planned chaos that surrounded the world since 2020 at the height of the [faked] Covid outbreak really kicked into gear then, intended to fulfill UN Agenda 21. To allow for our free will clause, the perpetrators – who we’ll loosely refer to as the Cabal – need to present what they’re going to do and get some form of public buy-in. This is their form of black magic, essentially “give the people what they want.” They did this through many means, but most notably through Event 201, the London Olympics, and the Economist 2019 predictions magazine. Covid was the releasing of the bulls, but let’s examine the planned chaos that served as prelude to 2021.

Follow the Money to See How It Began

The release of the COVID [fake plandemic] virus [flu renamed] came after a series of systemic bank failures that were happening throughout the economy in the early fall of 2019. The repo markets, the over-valuation of tech markets, Quantitative Easing, corporate stock buy backs, cheap interest rates, ongoing Wall Street greed and more financial shenanigans all fueled conditions that led to inflation and a looming financial crisis that crashed the global economy we’re seeing today.

A reason the crash is not so obvious is because of all the other current distractions: ETs, UFO, Ukraine war, Biden corruption hearings, Trump indictments, fires, immigration crisis… you get the idea. But the economic completion of the financial cycle is paramount in forcing the current conclusion of this global hybrid war.

Among the recent financial factors are the mortgage crisis in China, the energy crisis in Europe, the inflation crisis in the US, the gilt crisis of the UK, the US debt ceiling, the collapse of the US dollar, the emergence of BRICS and the Global Repository, among many other imploding financial fissures often reported through Prepare for Change. These recent financial issues have been exacerbated by the Russia/Ukraine conflict, and ongoing struggles of the global Central Banks acted out by proxies Black Rock, Vanguard, and State Street. Does anyone remember that the Vatican was asking for their assets back in November 2022? Meanwhile, central banks have been hoarding gold and the US Treasury seems to think they can print money ad infinitum.

The can has been kicked down the proverbial financial road as far as it can go, and it is crucial to understand that money has a lifecycle. Every currency – especially a fiat currency backed by nothing physical – will eventually fail.

All the above stressors were designed to crash the global economy, turn the US into a 3rd world country, displace the US dollar as the Global Reserve Currency, and usher in the new financial system based on another fiat currency – the Central Banks Digital Currency (or CBDC). The Cabal has long planned to bring about the Great Reset using these strategies.

Time magazine cover from 2020

The Great Reset is the key objective of WWIII. But that’s only half the story. The Great Reset will primarily accomplish the goals of putting the planet on lockdown and humanity under surveillance. However, it also accomplishes something far more sinister than most can even imagine: it will finally avenge the fallen tribes of Khazaria who vowed in 720 CE to destroy their three religious enemies – Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

It is time to put it plainly… the Planned Chaos that we’ve all been experiencing since 2020 are the tactics of the New World Order, aka, the Order of the Black Sun’s playbook to destroy the current order and take control of the planet, based on the religious worship of Satan. In doing so, the ruling class of Satan worshippers accomplishes their sacred goals:

• Control all planetary wealth and assets (humanity among them)

• Enforce a slave state

• Reduce the world’s population to under 500,000,000

• Go public with worshipping Satan

• Usher in 10,000 years of “peace”

Because the goals – that they publicly state – are so astonishing, most of us simply can’t believe them. That is our weakness that they exploit.

A necessary but bittersweet pill to swallow

The Satanic goals stated above could terrify you. But deep down, you already know it is the bitter truth. Few others can tell you about it.  And others will suggest it attached to the notion of hellfire and brimstone.

What we do at Prepare for Change, and have done since 2014, is present this information with the historical context and unabashed truth. It scares us too. It enrages us. It motivates us. In turn, we work tirelessly to prepare people for this moment and offer them this promise: victory of the light.

We will get through this. To do so, we must identify the problem, acknowledge truth as horrible as it may be, deal with it, and heal. Finally, we must pass the information on to others. We then help them heal. We continue to present Planned Chaos articles, videos and virtual discussions as your shortcut to understanding the reality around us. What others can’t face, we have. With this in mind, we continue our series begun in 2020. When we’re through, we want you to take action.

This series of articles on WWIII was so scary when we completed it in November last year, that I decided to sit on it. At the time, I didn’t want to add more fear to the collective consciousness. I feel that we have been given tools now that can help more of us see this war for what it is.

We report that the dark leadership level of the hidden societies are gone by and large. We are informed about planetary clean-up operations and the truth is coming fast and strong. The information in this release can help some generals and high-ranking military men understand the big picture: the US cannot fall. You will NOT be rewarded for taking part in its failure. You have a chance to leave your past behind and do good for our future starting today.

WWIII was planned to be a means to an end

In this presentation, we will discuss how we got to this point in history through the infiltration strategy of the perpetrators. We’ll also summarize the tactics from their playbooks that describe in detail what the long-term plan was. We will detail each plan which affects a sector of society with the prime examples summarized. There are many sectors so think of this as a blitzkrieg.

Because order is to be achieved out of chaos, few can connect all the aspects so well unless you’re spending a lot of time doing so and know history. So, this will be something of a history lesson.

Let’s begin by establishing the concept: the ends justify the means. The end is the Great Reset wherein a whole new society is planned. The means are the battles of the hybrid WWIII.

The timing of the war is pegged to the economic cycle or the global reserve currency lifespan

The fiat currency of the global hegemon – the United States – was designed to fail ever since becoming a debt-based society by going off of the Bretton Woods “gold standard” agreement and onto the petrodollar in 1973. Well aware of this since its inception, the masterminds of the US Fed – primarily Rockefellers and Rothschilds – have long understood that the pyramid of money scheme or ponzi scheme would crash. Few people know that the Fed is privately owned by Cabal families that are behind the publicly known banks that comprise the Fed. The book, The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin and other scholars work explore this truth.

Through years of recklessly printing money and creating untenable inflation, governments, businesses, and the populations of country’s can no longer pay their debts. This kicking the can down the road has run out of road. This created the perfect storm that the United States is in right now and went into overdrive with Biden administration policies. The long-standing plan of the Bush/Clinton/Obama cartel are the ones behind the systemic failure and hold allegiance to the Rockefeller bloodline families – in most cases being their heirs. These zealots are by and large, the foot soldiers of the Biden administration and deep state who appeared to be opposing Trump.

In reality, all administrations are beholden to their families and the Order of the Black Sun or relative Masonic tribe as Rabbi Trump holds allegiance with the Rothschilds family and Scottish Rite Masonic Lodge. So, in the US case, the prevailing political party’s heads are either playing out the best-case scenario for themselves, their family, or order. Important to note is that you’re not represented here and thus become part of the number of the herd that needs to be culled. But more on this later.

Note that these politicians, world leaders, generals, and top bankers are very successful in their jobs. They’re just not working for you.

Countries and indeed the world go to war when the financial system fails. Money needs to be regenerated through the war machine itself and the subsequent rebuilding of society. Given the untenable amount of debt, this is how government, business, and the public play their part in the crash:

Government cannot pay their debts especially since the unhinged money creation of the past two years. Proposing to pay off student loan debt, paying for the war in Ukraine, paying for all the artillery to fight the pandemic (vaxes, test kits, make-shift hospitals, PPP loans), bailing out the airlines, giveaways to the wealthy, et al, are all costs being passed on to the public. The current debt per citizen in the United States is over $93,000 each. For unsecured dept it is over $200,000 per person. https://www.usdebtclock.org/

Businesses are poised to fail. Those that managed to survive the pandemic did so by taking on loads of debt. Let’s summarize the end goal of the pandemic in relation to the economy… it largely closed for 2 plus years. Can businesses survive like this? Not many small and midsized businesses. Thus, the pandemic was intended to choose winners while creating contraction among small and midsized businesses. It’s said that 20% of businesses will fail and that 80% of the population of the US will be hit by the crash – and this is already after the reopening of the economy where many businesses closed. All the while, retail giants were chosen early in the pandemic to stay open. The large box retailers and Amazon are the new version of the state who will be the first to adopt Great Reset policies. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/14/trump-asks-walmart-target-others-to-help-tackle-the-coronavirus-crisis.html

The public are in large numbers weeks away from poverty. Many are backing off from buying homes or vehicles right now. Hybrid workers of the pandemic left jobs in cities to move to more affordable smaller towns. Now that employers want their work force back in offices in some industries, people are quitting to go try their hand at less stressful jobs rather than return. Recent reports show that 60% of US population can’t afford their utility bills. If energy isn’t solved, as is the case in Germany and Switzerland right now, (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11189267/Switzerland-considers-JAILING-heat-rooms-19C-country-forced-ration-gas.html ) energy costs for consumers have doubled because of policy of sanctions against Russia. The absurdity is that China is buying Russian natural gas AND SELLING IT BACK TO THE EU. India is also now buying oil from Saudi Arabia and marking it up to sell to Europe. https://www.eutimes.net/2022/08/china-caught-buying-gas-from-russia-and-reselling-it-to-europe/

The point here is that economic failure always leads to societal change: see Germany 1920’s, Russia 1910’s, Latin America throughout the latter half of the 20th century, and in any totalitarian dictatorship authoritarian run country near you. This is the central bank and Cabal playbook – crash the economy and install the desired regime. The agents are called Economic Hitmen

Odd how the central bank has always survived these turmoil’s while everything else fails.

Other means to the ends – Order Out of Chaos

The measures that took place during the pandemic resulted in the clear crushing of the economy, but this is only one of the means to the ends of total societal control by the Cabal or the Great Reset. The economic part of the plan is intended to eliminate the middle-class and put the US into third-world status – all by design. It’s clear to many that a global consortium publicly headed by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum in collaboration with other world-level banks and financial institutions: the BIS (Bank of International Settlements), WMF (World Monetary Fund), and the Central Banks control the levers of global wealth.

As laid out in Planned Chaos 2020, the bankers of the world’s elites are well coordinated and use their positions to orchestrate the global economy. Prepare for Change has unique access to global intel, royal families, secret societies, and Alliance personnel that all agree that the current global financial situation is a means to control planetary assets.

In short, the Planned Chaos, or what the Masonic order calls Ordo ab Chao or Order Out of Chaos is central to what’s been going on in the world during these predetermined “End Times.” The chaos – not only the financial, but the pandemic, the social unrest, the climate crisis, the Ukraine War, the bulk of the mass shootings, and the coming food, water, and energy shortages – are all brought to you by willing politicians, blackmailed leaders, bribed newscasters, controlled health service officials, et al, who serve the New World Order.

They have agreed to sacrifice their souls as low-ranking members of the Order before they really understand what their self-sacrifice means. Known as the “hidden hand,” the international Cabal is masterminded by dwindling members of the Order of the Black Sun. Black Sun in German, is translated as Schwarz Sonne, or the SS. This is not a coincidence.

Access comes with a high price

Thus, the elite financial interests, the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, and secret societies are at work behind the scenes tirelessly trying to control the population, control resources, and actively hiding the reality of the financial system. The financial system born out of Babylonian black magick carries powerful occult energy that dooms mere mortals. As controllers, they are a very small number of wealthy elite families. These wealthy elite families not only have a financial stake, but they also have a controlling stake in the planet and the planet’s population which they claim by divine right through Satan. They want to control the planet’s population to their ends. They are ultimately a small group – less than 1% of the 1% of the world’s population are fighting to stay in power and fear being overrun by the mass awakening and rightful anger of the people.

To put it most simply; they fear for their lives. Yet, they believe that they have the power to reset the game. In the past, they did. However, situations are critically different this time. Thus, the Great Reset is a high stakes game of life and death, which helps explain their being “all in” on the hand they’ve dealt themselves.

In their version of the game, they win and all their blackmailed or brainwashed followers – political and military leaders, celebrities, bankers, – you know, “important people” – are told that they are “special” and that they will be among the winners when the reset happens. Military leaders need to heed this message: this is a deceptive con job – it ain’t gonna happen.

Among our groups, they understand the con, when hearing that NESARA/GESARA takes place, they will be paid out their proverbial loot on Tuesday. Then, when all hell breaks out, they’ll be able to go to Mars or their beloved DUMBS or deep underground military bunkers to eventually repopulate the planet with their unique “specialness” after the surface chaos subsides.

In today’s terms, the special ones have been promised Trump Bucks based on the presumed actual ledger of the Global Repository that was shown to Trump early in his term according to Ground Command, Kim Goguen. Even without Goguen’s claims, it’s supported by other sources that Trump has promised his patriot allies payouts when “the Plan” goes into effect any day now.

We’ve seen those ledgers of quadrillions of dollars too and have Super Petchili, Dinar, Dong, Zimbabwe notes, et al. Those monies and revaluations have a slim chance to be of value, but anything is possible. Just not really probable at this point.

Expand your horizons

With this perspective, it’s a lot easier to understand that these evil doers have cast their lot with the former prevailing side of Lucifer. With the huge secret that they hold, blackmail, bribery, and worse are the price to pay. This largely explains the inexplicable actions of our world leaders and celebrities over the past few years. By ascribing to the Order of the Black Sun, a high level of power players control the public figures we see with offers they cannot refuse.

These powerful leaders, politicians, military generals, celebrities, scientists, academics, tech prophets and more are in the small club. What’s important to note about the elites is that they have gathered up just about every asset that they can get their hands on. Even at the time of this writing, the Vatican (which we referred to as the wealthiest institution on the planet due to their claim of owning people’s souls among years of asset accumulation) has called for their assets to be returned to their coffers.

What the global elites are trying to accomplish right now continuing up to the year 2025, for several very significant reasons, is to control the narrative. Because of this, we hear the Biden administration saying things are going great. Fed Chair Powell keeps printing money and toying with interest rates. Janet Yellen was denying that the US is in a recession. And White House officials like Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre change the debate, obstruct, avoid, or lie about the state of the economy when asked to comment.

The puppet master’s control what you think, and their minions are trained to deny, deny, deny the truth until the moment of fait accompli – when it all goes down. They think that you won’t remember 2008. If they keep telling a lie, eventually people will believe it. You can check Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels on that one.

Back to the banks

The central bankers are executing a push to destabilize the dollar to force its eminent collapse. It stands to reason that many countries are aligned against the US dollar as the global hegemon. Those are the BRICS Alliance which is composed of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Other countries are joining the BRICS Alliance as they see the writing on the wall. The fact that at this writing the dollar is considered strong is a misnomer because all other currencies are experiencing deflation of value due to the inflation of the money supply – or said another way, the overall value of global currencies is falling so the dollar appears desired. This is the benefit of having been the global reserve currency for the past financial cycle. The stark reality is that the dollar only holds 3 cents value from its original introduction when it was pegged to an ounce of gold, then valued at $35/oz. back in 1933.

The US media can try to change the definition of recession and tell you that the country is experiencing inflation because of Russia making prices go up, but real observers know that inflation comes when you inflate the pool of money by printing more, in turn reducing the value of the money you once had under control.

What we’re observing in the West are steps in the financial world to establish the change to Central Bank Digital Currency, which would work well with one centralized world government surveillance state. A one-world religion under Lucifer. And a New World Order or Great Reset.

Create scarcity and pocket the profits

The global elite maintains power through scarcity, by controlling supply and demand. With the pending US dollar crash, they will hold all the assets and real money will be scarce. This is why scarcity is an issue with all assets. This can be seen with energy for example. This can be seen with the New Green Deal that they tried to push. This can be seen with the climate change narrative which they try to push. This can be seen through the shortage of oil and energy you see. Though there are many solutions, if the Cabal stays in power, the great breakthroughs like free energy cannot be commoditized. Additionally, they don’t want positive solutions as they need to feed off of suffering and want less pesky humans about.

Problem. Reaction. Solution. – The playbook(s)

We’ve come to the playbook part of our discussion. The books are many from the Russian Rules for Revolution, to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, to Morals and Dogmas by Albert Pike, to Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the Rockefeller Lockstep Scenario, Behold a Pale Horse and others. The playbooks all have order out of chaos in common. Each go into particulars of how to accomplish chaos and what the tactics should be as well as providing vindication through their god as to why they have been the chosen one.

What we call Planned Chaos is otherwise known as the Hegelian Dialectic. The Cabal uses this black magick technique to confuse the population and incite fear to create order.

We’ve seen the Hegelian Dialectic working in real-time over the past pandemic and societal unrest of the past couple of years by creating a problem, eliciting a response – often an expected reaction so that a predetermined solution can be activated and put into place. This psychological paradigm is called – problem: reaction: solution.

When used effectively for political purposes, for maintaining power or control, or in controlling a narrative, the world’s elite creates and has been creating a new form of psychological warfare. This psychological tactic has been the hybrid weapon of World War III. Currently, social media is the battlefield for the “quiet weapon” of propaganda. Using AI for social control through message control and censorship is their primary warrior there.

Scare people into forfeiting their rights

A person in fear will give up their rights quickly. The prime example of the dialectic is clearly the results of the [fake] pandemic. In this pandemic example, the [alleged] problem was to create a virus [rename the flu]  at the Wuhan laboratory and release it  [pretend to release a virus] during the World Military Games to travel home with international military athletes from around the world towards the end of 2019 as was reported then by Prepare for Change in our interviews with Benjamin Fulford.

The reaction would be to create the global virus defense strategy as centralized by willing useful idiots of the WHO and the population reducing criminals of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This was laid out at their Event 201. It would also create the reaction of fighting a global war against an invisible enemy using Personal Protection Equipment controlled by Cabal providers and distributed through chosen retailers with the coup de grace being President Trump rushing in Project Warp Speed to create a solution in the vaccines themselves.

In retrospect – or as we painstakingly detailed at the time – it should be obvious to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention, that the result of the pandemic – a PLANdemic – was another part of the hybrid war. It along with the economic situation that it accompanied were intended to centralize power and authoritarian rule, to consolidate assets, to put in surveillance measures, to subjugate individual rights, as well as attempt to dismantle the US Constitution. The state of fear allowed the fascists to exploit weary people who would turn on each other without the military firing a shot. Brilliant military strategy by any measure.

Anyone who opposed the authoritarian measures would suffer swift judgment and loss of individual rights, loss of access to social media platforms, loss of one’s voice via censorship, and outright attack by social justice warriors, loss of a job, loss of access to education, loss of access to food or groceries, loss of access to health services, and in some extreme cases physical internment. Many saw police forces receiving windfall amounts to militarize themselves while calls to defund the police made mainstream news narratives. In reality, billions of dollars flowed into the fraternities of police through Cares Act funds intended to be used for Covid-19 community recovery.

What many people didn’t see at the time was also how relief funds flowed into billionaires’ coffers and how the Fed printed 80% of the physical US dollars in all circulation during the years of 2020-2022 – the real cause of inflation. This was done during the fog of war but planned well in advance.

Sound familiar? Altogether, the hybrid warfare has had a devastating effect on people’s psyche, pocketbooks, investments, supply chains and result in fear, hopelessness, shortages of necessities (food, water, energy). The war ultimately leads to the panicked public running to government and begging for help. Of course, that help comes with loss of your freedoms, assets, and a slew of new mandates. The puppet masters understand this well and this is all why they create planned chaos in the first place. But why go so big all at once? And, why at all?

War As Prophecy

To understand the beginning of this whole mess we have to go back to a region around present-day Ukraine in Eastern Europe. This all began where they intend to end this. This is the history part of our series. It began in Khazaria around 530 CE.

According to varying accounts, the Khazar or Khazarian people were such fervent Molech or “secret” Satan worshipers around their region near Turkey, Mongolia and Eastern Europe – presently Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, etc. – that around 500 C.E. to 700 C.E. they were forced to convert or choose either Judaism, Christianity, or Islam as a religion in an effort to “civilize” them. Tennent’s of their Molech worship included blood sacrifice, child sacrifice, child torture, bleeding out and drinking their blood and eating their hearts (similar to Aztecs sacrifice). What has become known as adrenochrome ingesting.

Forced to convert to a more positive religion by their nearby neighbors Persia (now Iran), greater Turkey, and Russia, the elite-class Khazars choose Rabbinic Talmudism – a form of Judaism. This religion came to be in the Second Temple period in Jerusalem through descendants of Esau and the Edomites who took over Orthodox Judaism at that time. These Khazars brought in Talmudic Rabbis to teach them their new religion. Thus, these Eastern European converted “Jews,” today known as Zionists, began their holy war in the name of Satan to corrupt and destroy all three religions that they were given the choice of. It is because of this that they vowed to use all means necessary which are described in the previously mentioned material to achieve their goals and eventually prepare the way for Satan to return and assume his throne over the planet. Therefore, the planned chaos in the world today.


Who are the Khazars?

They were, for the most part, descendants of Noah’s son Japhet and his descendant Ashkenaz. They became known as the Ashkenazi Jews. They corrupted Christianity through Catholicism, Judaism through the Talmudic/Zionism and Islam through Wahabbism, the strict religion of Saudi Arabia. They are imposter Jews and are one and the same with the Nazi’s.

Much of their tribe or populous/followers have been “exiled” throughout Europe and into America. People such as Jeffrey Epstein, Jared Kushner, Ghislaine Maxwell, Benjamin Netanyahu, are zealots who have collaborated with Trump and infiltrated moles within government to: a) destroy the US, b) prop up Israel, and c) prepare the stage to welcome back Satan. There are many key Israel loyalists in the US Congress and this infiltration is right out of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Treason is what these dual-citizen members of Congress are guilty of. Some of the notable ones are or have been: Barbara Boxer, Al Franken, Joseph Lieberman, Eric Cantor, Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Stephen Cohen, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Henry Waxman and Anthony Wiener among others. The ends justify the means for these Zionists, and they’ve even made laws to make it illegal in more than half US states to even criticize Israel.

This Khazarian group is known today as the Khazarian Mafia. They’ve used infiltration around the world as the Protocols dictate by marrying into royal families, infiltrating the elite of society as media members, politicians, intelligence agents, and as doctors, lawyers, academics, and scientists. Their preferred members are blood related, but many achieve status through lodges and meritocracy.

Their dream New World Order capital is already built and ready for occupation in Kazakhstan. In what can only be seen as an occult wet-dream laden with symbolism, their shining city of Astana – partial ambigram of Satan – is replete with twin gold pillars down the main capital causeway, pyramid & dome architecture, golden suspended globes, and all-seeing eye motifs. Central tower, Bairterek Tower harkens to the power eye of Mordor.

Who we are fighting

These are the evildoers in the world. And they have sway over the Order of the Black Sun, most royal families, and most countries. There are Satanists within all leadership of countries. Their wish is to go public with Satan worship. If you notice some of the Biden administration new hires, they are just that. This notion of going public is the case offered by former Grand Wizard of the KKK, Albert Pike in his treatise, Morals and Dogmas.

The rulers are aware of the choices they make on behalf of their people. But it’s important to note that the people of the occupied country are duped into their beliefs much as Americans are duped into believing that they are bringing democracy to the world. And as Europeans are now protesting governments in large numbers, the demon crazy (democrazy >> democracy) leaders have made their allegiance and believe that they have no way out. Their mental programming is complete and they are willing to go down with the ship. But they will not go alone. If they are going to go down – which is happening to many – they will continue with their plans. This is where we find ourselves now.

Their plans are to create chaos. In our next piece, let us examine what chaos they are executing.

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