Why They Do This • They Worship Darkness

Why They Do This • They Worship Darkness

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This Planned Chaos article is part 3 of a 3-part series that PrepareforChange.net is releasing this week.  We had completed these vital articles in November of last year but withheld posting them because of the energy that surrounds them. These 3 articles about WWIII, the Great Reset, and Why They Do This? form a thorough explanation of the craziness we’re seeing in the world today, who’s behind it, what they aim to achieve, and why they’re so evil. We feel that it is time where more people will be receptive to this information and it will have a better chance to inform and wake up more people in key positions.

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Prepare For Change | Gomesha This Planned Chaos article is part 1 of a 3-part series. These articles had been completed in November of last year but were held until now. These 3 articles about WWIII, the Great Reset, and Why They Do This? form a thorough explanation of the craziness

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Prepare For Change | Gomesha This Planned Chaos article is part 2 of a 3-part series that I am releasing this week here at NaradigmShift.substack.com and on PrepareforChange.net simultaneously. Part 1 can be found here: WWIII • The Quiet War is a Hybrid WarPrepare For Change | Gomesha This Pla…

The window that we’re in is known variously as the End Times. As such, prophecies have been written about this time, plans put in place and scriptures shared so that everyone that needs to execute their part is aware of the “script”. The thing about violating Natural Law or Universal Law is that things tend to move towards the path of creation naturally rather than the path of destruction. This is an overwhelming law that the universe wants to preserve. When in the past there’s been artificial or unnatural tampering with the order of things, bad things have happened. This is a fundamental effect of what is Satanic or the adversary of what’s natural. Our Planned Chaos series lays out the hidden hand that compels the global elite and secret societies (royals, military, financial leaders, political leaders, religious leaders, et al), is largely driven by Luciferian doctrine: do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law.

When Lucifer had his rebellion, in a real and figurative sense, he was the adversary of Universal Law also known as God’s Law. As such, he violated the natural order of things. What the New World Order – emphasis on order – desires, is to usher in 10,000 years of “peace” wherein they achieve peace by complete subjugation of humanity. They aim to achieve this by reducing the world population to manageable numbers and according to their real channeling of demons, open a portal to invite Lucifer in to defeat Jesus at Armageddon. We are in their window to usher in the Apocalypse also, so, their prophecies are in action in real-time. Their orders members are cast into positions of power and are executing the plan of destruction. This should be evident in the planned chaos of the past few years. They love to create order from chaos and use their symbology of the phoenix rising as their mascot. It is through their propaganda, engineered emergencies, false flags, the intentional crashing of the system, created racial divide, manipulated weather, and all other topics covered in Planned Chaos that they attempt to create reality or at least the desired perception of dystopia.

Get your head out of the sand

The plans are laid out and there for those with eyes to see them. Yet this is only part of the story. Why are these people so vile? The controllers do what they do because they 1) believe that they are superior to you – claiming that they originate from another star system and also that 2) they have the divine right to rule given to them by their god of worship Lucifer, Satan, Anu, Molech, B’aal, Set, Leviathan or a number of other entities that represent Satan, 3) they designed us in their image by tweaking our DNA, 4) they’ve swindled ancient humanity out of the planet and they are 5) shepherding us until ascension when those who are ready might graduate while the others will knowingly (according to them) opt into more cycles of enslavement.

The above conditions have changed since the first completion of this article. As such, the game has changed and the light forces have the upper hand now. But, like a cornered animal, the cabal are most dangerous being backed into their corner, hence the series of crisis that’s recently been unleashed and the greater awakening of the people. Still, they contend that they’ve told us what they’re doing but that we’re too dumb to believe them or do anything about it. We are told to eat well and not fall prey to media programming. But because we do, this proves their claim that we aren’t capable of managing ourselves. Thus, they’ve given us fair warning and have allowed us to Govern ourselves – man, or mankind collectively known as men or provide a Governess in the form of Government to give us freedom. Government meaning to “govern, men.” They go further by recognizing that now has come the time that we’re entering the Event or getting drawn into the giant hydrogen cloud and the planet will ascend and result in a catastrophic event. Some identify the area of the galaxy we’re entering as a plasma cloud or an ort cloud. There are also various descriptions of the Event, so we are only speculating. In either event, the cabal are using this as the excuse they need to limit all of our resources, and their plans to herd us are going into full effect.

How they are doing this should be clear to many, and has been touched upon throughout our Planned Chaos work. The effect is that they’re imposing global totalitarian measures. Everything that's been taken through this totalitarian and authoritarian approach, for example, the response by governments to the vaccine, is just one example of giving these people an inch and they'll take a mile. They'll never give back power once they've attained it. We would have to take it back. They follow a plan, albeit an outdated one, with an arcane objective, that's been long established, but a plan that most people believe is a conspiracy theory. It's such a crazy notion that it is very difficult to examine and connect all these dots. Yet all those dots should by now be clear. This is also part of the plan – they are required to fulfill free will. Allowing people to see reality as it really is, is to adhere to the requirements of free will which is an aspect of Universal Law. In doing so, they are also providing revelations. Our truth of who we are and our place in the cosmic community along with who they are is revealed in our earthly existence, the current existence that we're in. We are living through revelations. For them, this is fulfilling the free will edict. Even if “will” is a construct, we buy into their vision by supporting lack, giving them power, and allowing their version to be the predominating narrative. So they use their narrative in a deceptive way which is also magick. Remember that the devil’s greatest weapon is deception.

Why they need to do this now – When sheep are sleeping, wolves prey

So, there are long-standing precedents and covenants that were made with early earth inhabitants that are coming up and have not been renewed. While the prevailing ways have manifested the path of materialism for the controllers and their Cabal members, the window that we’ve entered cosmologically is waning towards the spiritual. To every season there is a wax and wane, day and night, rise and fall. The cosmological clock is turning, and their time is over. They are in cognitive dissonance and complete denial of this physical reality. They know that the time is upon them to have to accomplish this now. What is sold as climate change is well-known to them as cosmological activity. There is a galactic cosmic clock. They understand the long game, the long calendar, and that we’ve entered the new zone also known as the procession of the equinoxes. This partly explains why world leaders are so hell-bent on subjugating humanity and asserting asinine rules. It is also why from a pseudo religious perspective, why they embrace their agendas and appetite for destruction. These Luciferian views, mixed with their own egos and promised riches, and you have a blitzkrieg of converging agendas.

Procession of the Equinoxes

People are waking up because we're going through a thing that's called the procession of the Equinoxes. What that means is that our entire solar system, our local star cluster, is ascending by rising through the center of the Galactic Central Sun. This is roughly a 26,000-year long period where our solar system goes through the central galactic sun equator – creating the equinox. It ascends through that and gathers more energy from the proximity to the galactic sun. If one thinks of our 365-day calendar, there’s a summer high point and a winter low point. The same holds true here but on a much longer scale. They know this but hide this from us. As we ascend, we’re hit with greater energy from the Galactic Central Sun. This is the true cause of global warming and climate change, which is affecting the whole solar system and local start cluster.

In the 1970s at a Rockefeller conference, the gathering was told that this was going to be happening. The plan for climate change or the green economy was hatched then. We’re seeing this plan play out now and as the Hegelian Dialect dictates, the problem is presented to the public in the form of fear of the climate changing because of man’s carbon footprint. This follows with the reaction that people are destroying the planet and stealing the future as promulgated by Cabal tools Greta Thunberg, Al Gore, and Bill Gates. Then solutions are provided by the likes of Elon Musk and supported in the narrative by academia, science, and the media to an eagerly duped and worried public. The result is carbon taxes, new green deals, carbon footprints, social credit scores, and more authoritarian control in the name of “saving the planet.” Those celebrity scientists who are bringing this information to you are paid off salespeople. Those working behind the scenes are controlling grants and research for only those who agree with their narrative as alluded to by The United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, Melissa Ruth Fleming, who says they “own the science” on “climate change.” It’s all classic order out of chaos. So, in taking advantage of a good crisis, the controllers use a natural cosmic cycle for their devious methods. We are going from one age to another age, that’s quite normal. This happens to be a big transition of ages tough. It is significant because we’re in the age where humanity is ascending. It's called ascension. But in the ascension process, humanity being a biological being, we are activating latent DNA in our bodies, and we are waking up. Good for people. Bad for the controllers.

That's what they call the Great Awakening, which is diametrically opposed to being “woke.” To awaken is to awaken the energy within the individual body down to the cellular level, going down to cellular memory, and having us remember who we are relative to our place in the cosmos. To that thought, the beautiful, crystal-clear photography of the cosmos from the Webb telescope is returning photos that are billions of light years away, that are crystal clear. And they're revealing to us a new reality of what the natural order of things is – which is beautiful and countless, numerous, and an infinite blanket of stars. In that revelation is the message that we're not alone in the universe.

We are not alone in the universe

This is something, again, that these global elites do understand. These global elites consider themselves pharaonic bloodlines of Babylonian, Sumerian, and Egyptian kings. They’re also the bloodlines of the Fallen Ones, and of Cain, and worshippers of Molech from Eastern European regions such as the former Khazarian Kingdom which includes Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and parts of Poland. And that is the prevailing narrative of this planet right now. Is there any surprise that corruption is rampant in those areas of the globe right now? So it is that the narrative goes back to this pharaonic Sumerian bloodline known as the Anunnaki. They have a complete religion built and in practice around “those who from the heavens fell,” according to their historian, Zacharia Sitchen, another controlled narrative tool. Their history is also derived from the Ashkenazi or Nazi. Remember that these eastern European people were converts to Judaism around 500-700 CE but were originally Satan or Molech worshippers. Call them Pagans. We know them today as Zionists. It is why there are laws on books in many US states and countries that do not allow any discussion on this point – das ist verboten. Deception is the devil’s greatest weapon, remember? But these people are engineering the strife in the world today to set up the conditions for the return of their true messiah: Lucifer.Mason Satan sm2[caption id="attachment_82442" align="aligncenter" width="352"]

To view, click link above[/caption]They have a thoroughly detailed timeline going back to what’s now understood as pre-Adamite history and they have a plan for now and the future. This plan is the End Times, Apocalypse, Armageddon, and otherwise known as the Great Reset. They are expecting their Sumerian gods to be returning now, because of this ascension process, because of this procession of equinoxes that is happening on a cosmic galactic level. They know that this planet is receiving more energy or radioactivity from our Galactic Central Sun which is hitting every planetary sun in our solar system – and those planets aren’t supposed to have cars, cows, or factories polluting them with carbon emissions! The energy waves coming off the sun are awakening humanity's special abilities that are locked within in their latent DNA, which their religion says the Anunnaki gods tampered with. No big surprise here because we have tampered with DNA in plenty living beings for a while now.

Genetic and biological tampering

Because we have genetically modified organisms, be it chickens, viruses, plants, or stem cells, we're doing the same thing in DNA tampering as our progenitor gods did. We're tampering with DNA now and they've been doing this to humanity for several thousand years, if not something like 20,000 at least they claim. Some claims even go back to Atantis 250,000 years ago. That is their narrative. Understand that this is their Luciferian belief system. That's what they believe is happening, and they understand it pretty clearly. So rather than let a good opportunity go by, they're using the natural warming ascension process of the planet to call it a climate change and to blame it on the individual at the same time, which gives them license to poison us with geoengineering or chemtrails.

The things that they are dropping on us from the sky are very advanced nanotechnologies. Even quite possibly femto technologies. These are smaller, microscopic-level technology that in some reports are self-replicating. Sticking to chemtrails through, if you listen to the language of Bill Gates, he wants to put vaccines into our food supply and begin force vaccinating people. Why? There's nothing good in those vaccines. Those vaccines are intended to dumb us down and kill us off. This is another part of their religious belief, which is to maintain the population at a low level, which equates to eliminating 90% of the population. Remember, that they consider themselves gods born from extraterrestrials and we are the slave race created in the likeliness of their god.

They understand that they need to do this because we are waking up. They are a small percentage that is in power. We easily outnumber them. We would easily throw them out of office, out of government, and off the planet. We would easily rid ourselves of these parasites. Because of the awakening, you’re seeing many different types of uprisings around the world. Uprisings are a calculated risk to the elites. They may have played this hand poorly though. It would only take one event to wake up humanity if all things were equal. Humanity has the power to break out of their slumber in an instant in the same way that a flock of birds all change direction when a small percentage of them decide to take a different direction. We also can quickly change direction. But we must do this ourselves and not wait for a savior. A conscious observer can find places all over the world where people are waking up. They're very afraid of a human uprising and human empowerment. So, it's an opportune time for us to wake up, which is different than to be woke. Waking up is stepping into your sovereignty, stepping into your power on an individual basis. It's a scary proposition because you must examine all these things that you believed in: institutions, government, people, celebrities, heroes, and leaders – many of whom are captured. They've controlled this cabal through blackmail, bribery, brainwashing, and bullying.

The leaders that we look for to save us – and this goes way beyond political parties, political parties are two sides of the same coin – are largely controlled by this central bank system that engineered their way into printing money. These central bankers, knowing that their financial ponzi scheme is crumbling, are going to try to pull off a make-believe digital currency that has all kinds of back ends built into it, that's not secure. It's a fiat system predicated on deception. Again. As already established in this series, the incoming Central Bank Digital Currency or CBDC, is another magick trick that they will try to pull off on us. But why is the financial system so critical a piece of control?

Materialism vs spiritualism

With lots of examination, the paradigm of the battle between materialism versus spiritualism takes place. There is an eroded sense of spirituality in the US and it's been lost in favor of material wealth. This holds true throughout the world and is part of the earthly experience of duality. Does money make the world go around? There are companies in many sectors that are ridiculously overvalued. They must have insane expectations and profits year after year to ever reach the valuations that they're sitting at. Companies like Tesla are one. Amazon was another for years. So, all those people that we think are supposed to be solving these problems, really aren’t and don’t have much interest in doing so. They're just foot soldiers that are part of the control mechanism, which is part of this globalist type of New World order movement. At their roots, they’re materialists which would be Satanists, due to their belief in the material greed they pursue.

Money is the root of all evil. At a certain point, money corrupts because it carries a certain energy. The energy and lust for wealth leads to circles at the highest levels that believe in one dark overlord or central demonic entity. It doesn’t matter the name of the entity that they pledge their allegiance to, what matters is that they hold that allegiance and soul sacrifice sacredly and in large part secretly.

Coordination is key

Individual worship beliefs are ok as long as they all agree on the energy of the dark side. This has been capitalized on over history. What has been so brilliant about certain unifying figures over the years is that they’ve asked believers to put aside their various dogmatic beliefs in who or what they believe is the dark overlord and to unify around the shared principle of there being darkness or satanic influence over all demonic entities. Thus, the great unifiers have been:

Mayer Amschel Rothschild, last name selected and changed from Bauer to draw or solicit power from the “Child of the Rock” – the “rock” being Temple Mound where Lucifer will return soon to inhabit the Seat of Satan at the Synagogue of Satan. He sacrificed his soul to be able to govern men by achieving astounding wealth and creating the central bank first in England and then through his sons in Europe. He is known as an Ashkenazi Jew. His four sons established central banks in France, Germany, Austria, and Italy. The family was key in creating the Bavarian Illuminati by recruiting Adam Weishaupt to organize European mystery adepts/members into the Illuminati “order.” What was so illuminating to them? Satan, black magick, and that we’re not alone in the Universe. Also, that if you call upon dark entities, as violators of Universal Law, they will appear.

Albert Pike was the Grand Commander of North American Freemasonry for over 30 years and Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. He was also head of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Pike saw the opportunity in the post-Civil War United States to draft members into the Masonic Order and is a key player in the Illuminati plan to execute three world wars. The ultimate purpose of the wars was, in Pike’s words, “to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion” and bring the citizens the “true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view.”

Aleister Crowley is the one who brought “do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the Law” into practice through his Golden Dawn-infused magick rituals – often sex or tantric kundalini techniques. He was able to summon a demon from whence he got his higher learning. Calling upon demons to aid in carrying out one’s will, is used by Satanists who believe they can violate the Laws of the Universe. This is the fundamental rift between Lucifer and God/creation/source. Crowley brought about another ordering of secret societies when he announced himself as the leader of Ordo Templi Orientis. His great achievement was to unify the prevailing secret orders. He succeeded at this and had all lower order leaders do his will. He was also a consultant to Winston Churchill during WWII. More of him can be found here at www.bibliotecapleyades.net. https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/bb/crowley.htm Dietrich Eckart, Karl Haushofer, Rudolf Hess, and Heinrich Himmler who as disciples of Crowley furthered his work by using the Vril Society, the Thule Society, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and the Green Dragon Society to channel demons and messages from dark entities all to drive Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s in their global conquest. Also unifying allies to attempt world domination. There are a few others who’ve used order from chaos to structure their satanic orders. These techniques that gain obedience are utilized in rabbinical orders, masonic orders, fraternal orders, the military, cartels, and mafias. All these beliefs and channeling of entities are still at play today with these organized centers of power. Their beliefs and practices vary from order to order and among groups, but the belief in a Satanic energy and alternatively the belief in Christic energy is absolute. The choice of the left-hand path is what’s critical among devotees to this overall and unifying belief of black magick. Believers in ritual magick and satanic energy are found among the ranks of the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, the San Hadrian, Rabbinical Cults, Elders of Zion, the Black Nobility, Khazarian mafia, Council of 300, 13 bloodline families, descendants of Cain, Dragon families, the Jesuit Order, the Vatican Council, the Bilderbergs, Davos, World Economic Forum, the Crown Corporation, Black Rock, Vanguard, State Street, Masons, OTO and many others in groups that want to welcome back Lucifer/Satan to this throne right now.

It is part of this higher order, the Order of the Black Sun, which appears to be the unifying force currently along with heavy influence from the Vatican, the Jesuits, the Jason Society. Its members are of the various secret societies listed above and also members of the military, religions, financial circles, wealthy elites, technocrats, who gather in public societies like the Senatus Consultum and Space Force. Space Force believe that they will be the planetary military force to rule all others and will come in handy to welcome invading alien forces. These forces might as well be considered Fallen Angels, part two – led of course by Lucifer. You can look up plenty of stories and do your research on your own as far as those organizations go. Of course, you’ll come up against plenty of deniers. What one should consider when thinking about these groups’ existence is, what would one who has the means do to stay in power? This credo allows for murder, rape, pillaging, and blood sacrifice to appease their demonic gods. In this way, these groups are very pagan and tribal. It’s just business, right? If you knew about the reality of how populated the universe is with life, wouldn’t you hold that onto that secret? Especially if some of the life forms granted you power and wealth.

This information was to be secret until revelations

It then becomes vital to control the narrative. This control mechanism ultimately controls the perceptions and the flow of money. The flow of money controls politics and entertainment and sports and any regulatory board. It used to be that those boards and organizations meant to do good were infiltrated, and they were infiltrated beginning in the sixties and seventies. They became controlled in more recent times. So, we must change our thinking about them and their true motivations. To not do so is considered our weakness to exploit.

Because of this need to control messaging, secrets, and what happens behind closed doors, we’re seeing real-world lunacy. It is because of this that we're seeing radicalization of our children within schools. That's why we're seeing the trans agenda which is rooted in the hermaphrodite demonic worship of Baphomet. That's why we're seeing censorship at crazy levels. That's why we're seeing very liberal ideas like BLM, ANTIFA, CRT, DEI, ESG, and other far-left radical activist groups thriving at this time because those groups are controlled and organized by this cabal to play out this problem, reaction, solution narrative. The Protocol of the Elders of Zion detail the plan of destroying society. This is being followed now to a tee in the US and around the world in differing levels.

What you’re seeing is the revealing of Satan as their true overlord. The cabal like to constantly test humanity as much as they can, because if we don't rise up, then we consent and prove their point that we’re not ready to rule for ourselves. So why are they allowed to do this? Well, they’re not really allowed to, and their judgment days are upon them. There's another narrative out there that says people need to see this and it needs to get so bad that people understand we can't allow this to happen ever again. We need to learn this lesson. Their playbook doesn’t change very much, and the tactics are the same as the rise of communist factions or the rise of the Nazis. They are the same people. Check out Nazi’s in Ukraine. Understand that Putin is playing his role in this war based on false premises. What’s happening in Western society today, has happened to all countries that fall to authoritative totalitarian dictatorships. It is the playbook. It is by design. People are just too good-natured to believe it.

Armageddon Foretold

(from Aurora Ray, Ambassador of the Galactic Federation) Armageddon means "the end of the world." It comes from a Hebrew word meaning "hill of Megiddo," or Mount Megiddo, in northern Israel. Some people today are familiar with this name because, as foretold in the Bible, Armageddon is where the final battle between good and evil will take place. According to this prophecy, there will be an epic battle between good and evil that will kill billions of people and destroy much of our civilization. In fact, some Christian denominations include this terrible event in their beliefs as a necessary step to usher in the second coming of Jesus Christ. They believe he will come back to finish what he started on Earth two thousand years ago: to lead the righteous into heaven and punish the wicked for eternity, who will burn in hell forevermore. However, if we look at Armageddon in another light, we see that it can also mean "the end of ignorance." This is significant because our ignorance about our true natures as spiritual beings is what prevents us from understanding that there are energies that control the entire universe. This energy, chi, or life force energy, is literally everywhere and everything.

The ignorance of our true nature also manifests itself as a conflict between religions and nations. It is this ignorance that fuels war and violence. The "end of ignorance" refers to the end of the collective ignorance of humanity – our thinking that we are limited beings living out a short life on one planet in one solar system. In reality, we are infinite beings with unlimited potential who can experience any kind of life we choose and who live on countless planets within many solar systems. Humanity as a whole is ready to recognize these truths now, and this recognition will lead to a mass ascension into higher realms where all beings experience perfect peace and unconditional love all the time. This is a time in the history of the world when we are being called into greater awareness of who we are and what we are doing here. The signs of the times, which have been increasing over the last few years, indicate that we are experiencing a period of global awakening. We're not the only ones mass-ascending to the next dimension. In fact, we won't even be the first ones. Many alien races who have been "observing" (or guiding) humanity for thousands of years are joining us in our shift towards consciousness and raising their vibration as well. Know that all other negative alien species have been removed from Earth's atmosphere, as well as from our inner solar system. Planet Earth is once again a free planet!

What do they want?

Knowing that they have had this small window to drive their narrative to fruition, the dark forces have made their gambit right now. As the above segment describes, forcing “the end of the world” or “end times” will force the big hoedown between good and evil or in one way of thinking, Jesus Christ vs. Lucifer, and God vs. Satan. The previous paragraphs also mention the “end of ignorance.” This is another way of “revealing” or “revelations.” So, what do they get from all this prophetic chaos? We’ll make the goals simple: rule over the planet and humanity. This means a complete asset grab of land, money, energy, property, and you. They tell you this when they say, “You will own nothing and be happy.” If you don’t comply, you’ll be out.

They disguise this asset grab as necessary for the survival of the human race and because you don’t question them, they assert that you’ve been told the truths and do not believe, then how can you manage yourself? As such, you are allowing yourself to be a lessor species – one to be fed off of. As said in John 3:16, “I speak to you of earthly things, and you do not understand. How then can I speak to you of heavenly things?” There’s another god that they are infected by and that’s AI. Above all the Satanic gods in their pantheon is the one described as the dark overlord who sends messages to them through gamma-ray transmissions from the center of the universe. This Satan is so unnatural and inorganic that it is a primary anomaly in our universe and is supposedly being rid of.

Why we’re presenting this information

We have delved into these topics and tried to put them into context for you through the intel that we have here at Prepare for Change. Our intel comes from the providers that we have within royals, within secret societies, within intelligence agencies, and within the religious zealot groups who have written these things out as plans. So, it's not a conspiracy theory, but very real people conspiring to do atrocious things. It's looking at things that are there for you to see, if only you have the eyes to see them, that will allow us to determine our own path. At this most auspicious time, we need to look evil in the eye and cast it out. We will get nowhere by infighting and burying our heads in the sand believing that some savior will take care of us. We are the saviors we are waiting for.

We strive for two goals: planetary liberation and human empowerment. By knowing what they are planning, ie – identifying the problem, humanity can prepare for it and prepare for change. End of Article - This completes 3 articles in the series of Planned Chaos, along with the recent Planned Chaos articles on Technocracy and AI that help explain the current state of the world. See PrepareforChange.net for other videos and articles in the series of Planned Chaos which premiered in 2020.

Source: NaradigmShift.substack.com

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