Autopsy Study • 74% Of Sudden Deaths Linked To The Toxic Injections

Autopsy Study • 74% Of Sudden Deaths Linked To The Toxic Injections

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Note: This is the same paper with autopsy evidence reported in this previous article:

74% Of Deaths In New Autopsy Study Linked To Covid Jabs Texas cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough recently joined The Epoch Times for a discussion about a new study linking 74% of deaths in peer-reviewed autopsies to Covid shots. Dr. McCullough Breaks Down Landmark Autopsy Study Linking COVID Vaccine to 74% of the Deaths…

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The news just gets worse and worse for the engineers of the toxic jabs Mass Poisoning Event and those who aided and abetted their crimes as the evidence against them continues to amass.

They are having increasing difficulty keeping a lid on their can of worms. As the tide turns against them, bringing closer the day when they will answer for the murder and injury of millions of people, expect them to resort to ever more desperate measures to silence the many strong voices across the world who have raised the alarm

And expect the number of medical professionals brave enough to bring us the Truth to go on increasing exponentially. One such courageous medic is Dr Willam Makis.

Dr William Makis MD | Substack

A major scandal is unfolding internationally which is shaking the global medical establishment.

Our landmark paper with autopsy evidence (largest ever) showing 74% of sudden deaths post COVID-19 vaccination were caused by the vaccines, was censored within 24 hours by a top medical journal! (Lancet)

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This landmark paper reviewed the largest number of autopsy reports published to date relating to COVID- 19 vaccination, injury and sudden death. We identified 44 papers with 325 autopsy cases and three physicians (including myself) independently reviewed all deaths and found:

• 74% of all deaths were either caused or contributed to by COVID vaccines.

• 53% of these deaths involved the cardiovascular system.

• 17% of these deaths involved the hematological system.

• 8% of these deaths involved the respiratory system.

• 7% of these deaths involved multiple organ systems.

The mean number of days from vaccination to death was 14.3 days.

This is one of the most important papers of the entire COVID-19 era. Even though it was censored by Lancet (parent company Elsevier) within 24 hours, when they saw that it was being downloaded hundreds of times per MINUTE, it is currently submitted for peer review and will get published. This paper will lay the foundation upon which other papers will build as we collectively expose the toxicity of the COVID-19 vaccines.

The “died suddenly” phenomenon post COVID-19 vaccination is very real and devastating. COVID-19 vaccines should be immediately taken off the market and the entire LNP/mRNA platform should be suspended and thoroughly investigated.

Major shareholders of The Lancet’s parent company Elsevier are Blackrock and Vanguard. source


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