Censorship and Economic Sanctions Against Truth11.com

Censorship and Economic Sanctions Against Truth11.com

Dylan Eleven • Truth11.com

A very nice truth warrior reader of Truth11.com from India was trying to make a donation to help us cover costs and help us in our mission to report the truth; but despite many attempts the donation would not go through.

We can see attempted donations as well as successful ones. I thought it was very nice of them to continue to keep trying to donate to us, despite several attempts being denied by the bank.

Eventually this truth warriors donation finally went through using a different method.

I contacted them to thank them and she explained what was going on: It was visa gift cards, not allowing the donation directly to our site. Different cards at different times.

This is interesting type of discrimination. Not allowing someone to make an anonymous donation to alternative independent media using gift credit cards.

In addition to the massive censorship Truth11.com endures daily, in addition to the de-platforming, shadow banning, TwitteX, WordPress, Vimeo accounts being shut down, in addition to being labeled by so called fact checkers as "tin foil hat conspiracy theorists who think the world is being murdered by a killer vaccine"; we are now have certain 'smart' economic sanctions against us by financial institutions.

We are not surprised by this, but it now has been proven.

They want to silence the truth by censoring and financially affecting the independent media industry.

It will not work.

Our goal is the truth. Not money.

Our industry is true journalism speaking the truth.

The truth is our motivation.

We in independent media largely work for free to speak the truth, we also cover most of our costs. Thanks to our loyal truth warrior readers who subscribe and make donations, we are having more costs covered. But we are not in this industry for money.

Financial sanctions will not change our mission scope.

Our mission remains:

Armed With The Truth • United We Stand

We appreciate all efforts made by you all to help us cover costs and for your efforts in fighting back against censorship by sharing our articles. Thank you Truth Warriors!