The Micro-Chipping Agenda Is Already Here

The Micro-Chipping Agenda Is Already Here

Dylan Eleven •

There are so many limited hangouts these days; one of which is the claim of a future microchipping agenda. It is already here. The limited hangout suggests that chipping is coming!; but it implies that it's not here yet. It is.

The vaccinated are 'hackable animals' as quoted by the WEF parasite Yuval Harari.

How do you hack them? Via the bluetooth signal they are beaming out of themselves, created by nanotech forming inside them introduced into the body via the so called Covid "vaccines".

This is self forming nanotech in the Covid "vaccine"

Some people have many signals coming from them as they have had several covid vaccines.

Anyone suggesting the chipping agenda is not here can easily be disproved.

Hackers in Russia got into the database for the Sputnik vaccinated. It shows the person, vaccine info, live body statistics, location, if they are sleeping etc.

A Russian hacker shows vaccinated people’s info being uploaded in real time via 5G
A Russian hacker shows vaccinated people’s info being uploaded in real time via 5G

The microchipping agenda is here. You can check yourself using a simple iPhone app. I have tested this myself many times.

Test For Bluetooth Signal From The Vaccinated On An iPhone
Dylan Eleven • We have posted several artciles on testing the vaccinated for a bluetooth signal using an android phone switched into developer mode. iPhones were not so easy until I found an App called BLE Scanner 4.0. I have just tested and app on an iPhone without

This app shows the bluetooth signal from the vaccinated. Signals that do not show up using phones built in bluetooth pairing app.

BLE Scanner is a developers app that shows named and unnamed bluetooth signals. As per my tests, they correlate directly with the number of shots the person has had. I tested this app in a faraday cage. Bringing in vaccinated and un-vaccinated without any tech on them. They showed clearly the vaccinated are producing a bluetooth signal or more than one. Others have done this test also.

Test it yourself. The app is free, download it and test and understand what this means.

It means scanners at grocery stores have the ability to keep the doors closed if we do not emit a bluetooth signal that we are vaccinated.

Do you notice all the barriers still being installed at the entrances of grocery stores?. I do, I also notice a lag or outright pause before I enter. One store it did not open at all and I walked right into it, so I pushed it open and broke it. They looked at me as if I was the bad guy. Why the hell are these things here in the first place? To not open for the unvaccinated.

The mark of the beast is here, the vaccinated are chipped, linked and easily identifiable. So are we due to our lack of bluetooth signal. Both the vaccinated and unvaccinated can be identified by bluetooth or lack of it.

Identity is not where the hackable connection ends.

For the vaccinated that are emitting a bluetooth signal it is just the beginning.

Bluetooth is a two way signal.

They can read information from the vaccinated and also send information into them.

Into your brain that has graphene oxide inside it.

A magnetic and electrical programable metal inside your brain that can be activated, manipulated and can kill you in a second. All wirelessly from a control center anywhere in the world or up close right beside you using an iPhone app.


Graphene oxide interacting with a 4G signal.

How long will it be before hackers walk up to a vaccinated person and show they they are connected to their bluetooth signal, and then demand money or they will remotely send a power surge and kill you.

Or to the bank teller that sits in her chair. What is to stop a bank robber uploading instructions to her to put money in the bag or by threat of bluetooth death.

The government currently has the ability to locate any of the vaccinated, read their location, physical condition and details and can upload info or instructions. Or outright kill you if they don't like you or what you say.

You can even connect to the vaccine chipped blue toothed after they are dead. The signal can be read from the grave.


BlueTruth Documentary • Bluetooth Detected In The Vaccinated, In People Who Took PCR Swab and In A Cemetery Among People Who Died In 2021 and 2022
World Heath And Life Coalition Short 32-minute documentary shows Dr. Pedro Chavez Zavalo, the president of the World Health and Life Coalition (COMUSAV), using an electromagnetic frequency meter on a sample of people in Mexico who had taken COVID ‘vaccines’ and comparing them to unvaccinated people. Magnetism was detected in

The chipping agenda is here, not coming. The vaccinated are chipped, beaming and hooked up. Any discussion of future microchipping tech would be for the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated are also identified by the lack of bluetooth signal beaming from them.

This is now akin to chemtrails in the sky, namely you can see them with your own eyes. Now you can see the vaccinated with your own eyes, and they can see you, or your lack of signal.

EMF Meter Tests On The Vaccinated


Vaccinated Wirelessly Scanned Bar Code Shows Up On Phone


Vaccinated Person Tested By EMF Meter | The Vaccinated Are Giving Off A Strong EMF Signal


EMF Test Om Vaccinated Person 


Vaccinated Person Tested By EMF Meter 

Developer Mode On Phones Tracking The Vaccinated

Developer Mode • The Bluetooth Challenge At A Resturant • Scanning For The Vaccinated
Dylan Eleven • We have posted several videos like this one. People are testing malls, restaurants, trains, and even cemetaries and all finding the same bluetooth signals. 0:00/1× The MAC address of the vaccinated is hidden from the normal settings on phones because they do not have

How to show on Android MAC addresses only (without names) • Aka= The Vaccinated Bluetooth Signal
Dylan Eleven | The MAC address of the vaccinated is hidden from the normal settings on phones because they do not have a name associated with the address; MAC address only. The android phone system has this blocking feature turned on by default so you don’t see all