's Experience With Censorship's Experience With Censorship

Dylan Eleven •

I set up as an independent media site 18 years ago to allow me to report and write about the truth. Mainstream media provided a paycheque for journalists but they had no interest in the truth. So I joined the ranks of independent journalism.

As an independent journalist, I was painted with the conspiracy theorist brush by my family and friends. They were the first to censor, they did not read my articles, they did not visit my site. Instead cut me off from the family. I could not speak any truth to them at family gatherings, and when I did I was not invited back.

The life of an independent journalist is exactly that; independent.

Google was next to censor I found one day the search result for Dylan Eleven, which used to bring up all of my articles, did not bring up any. traffic from search on google dropped drastically overnight.

Youtube then blocked our movies. Our vimeo account was shut down after millions of views.

Facebook shadow banned all my communications and blocked our articles.

Twitter closed our account and despite the claims of free speech on twitter, we are still shut down.

Our traffic on comes 95% directly. Only 5% comes from internet searches, or referrals from social media.

I ran our site on the Wordpress platform for 17 years without issue. We had 15,000 followers and were sending out 450,000 emails to subscribers per day. Then wordpress shut us down without notice. I had to move the domain and wait a week for the site to be accessible online. 14,000 artilces were removed from the web which received 50,000 views per day, and 30,000 per day on Telegram.

Our rankings before the wordpress de-platform put in the high traffic category. After the wordpress attack, with the removal of 14,000 articles, our web traffic was drastically affected.

I rebuilt on the Ghost platform. Wordpress cut us off without notice, so I could not migrate the 14,000 articles to the new platform automatically, it had to be done before cutting off the old site. So I have been adding articles manually from my personal archives and from the way back machine.

The people at Ghost are very nice, they warned me when moving to their platform that they may also have to shut me down if anyone complains about the truth I report. And sure enough, they also shut us down. They were very nice about it and helpful. I got to keep their software platform and use it as I am now. But I had to move off of their servers and self host.

We have been listed as tin foil hat conspiracy theorists by the so called fact checkers and web site evaluators.

From one so called fact checker

We look at all of these attacks as confirmation we are on the right track.

If we were not speaking the truth and arming the masses with the truth with the goal of uniting us all in freedom, then they would not take such time and effort to silence our efforts. Instead they would debate in an attempt to bring the truth to light. But as they don't have the truth on their side, they choose to censor instead of discuss.

All of the censorship we have received feels like badges of honour. We speak the truth and the corrupt few do not like it. They fear the truth. Because none of their lies stand up when examined. They fear an informed population who see through them.

The site motto of is our mission goal: Armed With The Truth • United We Stand

We work to arm the population with the truth and unite us all in freedom.

I recently read an article where a highly educated, intelligent person was very depressed because they could not navigate the vast propaganda machine; That is what we are here for. We work full time to keep the truth in clear focus. We are here to help.

We have endured a massive censorship campaign and fight a billion dollar propaganda machine that is employing more trolls by the day.

With the new RESTRICT act and other global attacks on free speech we anticipate further attempts to silence the truth.

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Thank you truth warriors for reading and sharing.

We will continue to fight through the censorship to bring you the truth.

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