Solutions • 3

Solutions • 3

These pages focus on solutions and resources.  They are starting points for you to do your own research to see if the solutions presented are suitable for you.  This page (•3) is updated regularly.

Template for a Transformation of Human Society • Truth + Common/Natural Law
Global Julian Rose There are many thousands of groups that have formed themselves around the need to stand against the globalist attack on life on earth. There are thousands more presenting alternative vision/suggestions for a better future. And there are a small number who are doing…

The Masterless Majority • Unmasking America’s Silent Preference = “No One”
Dylan Eleven • I have often said if they put none of the above as a choice on the ballot, I will vote. Until then I never will. Because no one should rule us. I did vote once in my life. I was 18, and I immediately regretted it.

Unity • Then or Now
Dylan Eleven • 95% of humanity is actually currently united; most just don’t know it yet. In order for true unity to be realized a precedent of historically set events usually has to be gone through. Global war by conscription, artificial famines, resulting in civil war and eventuall…

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