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Solutions • 5

These pages focus on solutions and resources. They are starting points for you to do your own research to see if the solutions presented are suitable for you. This page (•5) is updated regularly.

Parasitic Science and the Unproven Virus | Kelen McBreen Are mass death events used by elites to cull the population? If you want to routinely cull the population, then an invisible virus that you cannot see or prove would be the perfect lie to cover it up. No one has ever isolated a virus. This

An Antidote To Chemical And Radiation Poisoning
Dylan Eleven • Dr Robert Young’s understanding of what we are facing with wireless radiation and toxicity due to metals and graphene oxide in the vaccines, our food/water supply, and in the air; is the most accurate and insightful I have found. We are not fighting “viruses”, our

Dr. Robert Young and Matthew Hazen join me to share some very bad news: there’s graphene oxide in all of us now. This is how to get it out


Canada: The Grand Deception Timm Stein Part 1 On July 1st, 2017, Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary. Across the country there were fantastic celebrations, children with Canada flags painted on their cheeks, and proud Canadians dressing their cars in Canada flags. It had been 150 years since Canada confederated and become an

Morgellons, Chemtrails And The Solution = Boron
Indian In The Machine |

The Universal Antidote | Chlorine Dioxide Documentary
Dylan Eleven • We have posted this documentary before, within the article below. We are posting this again for those who may have missed it. And to allow the documentary to be found in the search field. Related: Mark Grenon Provides Chlorine Dioxide Protocols For Eliminating Vacci…

Nanotechnology Found in Both Vaxxed And Un-Vaxxed
Europe Reloaded | ER Editor We welcome comprehensible summaries of what is complex medical information. Here is what Dr. Ana Mihalcea in an e-mail to readers has to say about Greg Reese‘s short summarizing piece below on the nanotechnology being found in just about most people’s bodies: Evidence…

The Freedom of Information Act and How To Use It
Reclaim The Net | Dan Frieth On a sweltering day in July, 1966, a historic event unfolded in the hallowed halls of power in Washington, D.C. A monumental law was signed, one that would change the landscape of American governance and redefine the relationship between the people and their governmen…

Solutions for Graphene and Toxic Metal Damage due to the Covid Jabs | Gareth Icke Anita Baxas, MD | Substack In my last post I wrote about other substances in the Covid jabs causing damage. To recap, Graphene causes: - Destruction to cell membranes and thus most organ tissues as well as mitochondria. - Massive free radical damage, depletes the bod…