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Solutions • 1

These pages focus on solutions and resources.  They are starting points for you to do your own research to see if the solutions presented are suitable for you.  

How to Detox The Covid Vaccines
Dylan Eleven | A reader asked me to access articles on Vaccine detox from the archive. This post has several articles from our archive on how to detox the covid vaccine. We are still working on the archive of all of our articles. How to Detox from the COVID
Covid Vaccine Detox

Vaccinated: Detox, avoid wireless radiation, hardwire and shield
Dylan Eleven | I don’t like to re post information as a general rule on As the information is here for everyone to read and as we are putting out so much information, duplication increases your time spent reading. WhenI do re-post articles and in this
Covid Vaccine Detox

La Quinta Columna graphene oxide detox remedy • Share with those who got the Vaccine
Tap News / Weaver Please watch and share to anyone you care about who has taken the Jab Original Article:
Covid Vaccine Detox

Tap News / Weaver Source: Original Article:…
Covid Vaccine Detox

The Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) Rescue of Ohio
Tap News / danceaway Dr Sircus Should probably include Pennsylvania and W. Virginia in the tile and perhaps points further east. The government and medical organizations have nothing to suggest in terms of treatments for exposure to the high level of dioxins. However, they should be recommen…
Hazzardous Chemical Exposure Assistance Idea

Two Patents • Cure For Cancer + Treatment For Alzheimer’s Disease
Cure For Cancer The invention provides for application of Salicylic Acid, in proportion and concentration depending upon the size of cancer, onto or into a cancerous area in the body, in order to reduce and remove the cancer. Upon application, Salicylic Acid will destroy all the extra cells in the

Chlorine Dioxide Cures Malaria
Armed With The Truth • United We Stand

Dr Burzynski Cancer cures
Tap News / ian Even if you just watch the first 4 minutes, it will tell you everything you need to know about the US medical system. The UK HMRA work on the same principals, as demonstrated by their treatment of David Noakes and Lynda Thyer, with their use of GCMaf

Northern Truth Seeker Over the last few decades I have had so many friends and colleagues come down with different forms of Cancer, and it sickened me to watch most of them waste away from not only the ‘ravages’ of that disease, but mostly from the horrific so called ‘TREATMENTS’

Baking Soda • Miracle Medical Cure
Armed With The Truth • United We Stand

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Entire vaccine agenda centers on CREATING diseases + Truth Hidden From The Public About Cancer = around 50 percent of cancers were actually parasitic infections and how ivermectin can cure / Mary Villareal (Natural News) Author Douglas Cirignano sat down with chiropractor Dr. Bryan Ardis to talk about the dangers of vaccines. He also put forward the possibility that the virus behind acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is being driven by vaccines. During the…

One Solution Against Tyranny Is Creating State Guards to Defend the Constitution and Fight Back Against the Deep State
The Gateway Pundit / Joe Hoft Lawrence Sellin Creating state guards to defend the Constitution and fight back against the Deep State may be necessary to defend American freedom. At this moment in American history, there is no more important battle than to preserve the Second Amendment, increas…

Involuntary Dissolution Of Corporations • A Solution For The Present Condition Of Our Planet
Paul Stramer Anna Von Reitz There are three groups responsible for the present condition of our planet: banks, militaries, and commercial corporations. These groups form a self-perpetuating and self-promoting economy that excludes their employers and customers. Think about it. The banks/investo…

No one can ‘give’ you freedom, you have to demand it unconditionally
‘A’ Solution for the Masses Does not Exist: Perceived Reality Is in Fact Only Theatre LewRockwell / Gary D. Barnett This subject is vitally important to understand, and few understand it. The talk of, and the incessant questions received by readers, all demanding to know the “single solution”…

Armed With The Truth, United We Stand • Unity Movements + United Non-Compliance
Dylan Eleven • Armed with the truth, united we stand; is our site tag line and mission statement. We need to unite for humanity to break free from the criminally insane genocidal few. The answer may not be one group to lead the revolution, but many all working towards

The Truth Will Set You Free
The Liberty Beacon It has become essential to enlighten people about the global forces that are trying to seize control, with the ultimate goal of eliminating human rights and freedoms, including your medical freedom Google is a core powerbase of this global cabal, often referred to as the De…

Holding Them To Account For Crimes Against Humanity
LewRockwell Pascal Najadi, a retired banker from Switzerland is at the center of a potentially huge sea change in the legal fight against the Globalist COVID financial fraud/bioterrorism campaign. Pascal has filed criminal charges of Abuse of Office under Article 310 of the Swiss Criminal Code aga…

At Least 1 Billion Will Die Or Be Disabled from Covid-19 Vaccine Bioweapon • Top 3 Treatments To Help The Vaccinated = Ivermectin (IVM), Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) + Chlorine Dioxide (CD)
Henry Makow Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) CV19 bioweapon vax truth warrior Dr. Betsy Eads has been warning of a “Tsunami of ‘vaccine’ deaths coming in the next two years.” The number of people dying and getting permanent disabilities is increasing. That is no surprise with…

Angry Citizens Post Thousands of Notes for Every COVID Vaccine Death in the Netherlands’ Largest News Agency
The Gateway Pundit / Jim Hoft The headquarter of NOS, the largest news agency in the Netherlands, was covered in thousands of post-it notes on Saturday morning, each one representing an excess death linked to the Covid vaccine. Protesters gathered outside the NOS building, holding slogans tha…
CBC Building In Toronto Canada Covered With Images Of The Vaccine Injured + Killed
Dylan Eleven • People around the world are posting images of the covid vaccine injured and killed on the windows of mainstream media companies. First the BBC in London England and recently the Canadian Broadcasting Company the CBC. Letting these corrupt institutions know that the peop…
BBC Studio Windows Covered In Stickers Symbolizing Deaths Caused By COVID Jabs Video out of the UK shows people want answers regarding the deadly experimental COVID jabs. Footage shows hundreds of stickers representing loved ones believed to have been killed by the vaccines plastered on the BBC studio’s windows in London. Stickers of the dead caused by the jab…

Urotherapy Healing Success Stories / Ethan Huff (Natural News) A young lady on TikTok has revealed all about how urotherapy, or urine therapy, saved her husband’s life. Her @holistic.happy.healthy account on the social media platform contains a video in which she explains how her husband went from being normal an…

Nurse States Parasites Are The Real Causes Of Diseases and Illnesses • A Fact Deliberately Hidden and Intentionally Infected
Distil The Truth | Bitchute Nurse describes the true causes of the diseases and illnesses affecting the world population. She theorizes that it is really parasites that are the culprit, and that this knowledge is not only deliberately being hidden from mass awareness by the Rockefeller medical esta…

Miracle Molecule EDTA • To Remove Graphene Oxide From The Vaccinated + Dissolve Clots, Reverse Cancer and More
Distill The Truth | Bitchute In this video, you’ll be pleased to learn that there’s a substance that can remove the motherload of toxins from the shot and possibly reverse the damages. The good doctor in this video (DR. MICHAEL ROTH) says that this substance can remove Graphene Oxide, Hydrogel, nan…

How to show on Android MAC addresses only (without names) • Aka= The Vaccinated Bluetooth Signal
Dylan Eleven | The MAC address of the vaccinated is hidden from the normal settings on phones because they do not have a name associated with the address; MAC address only. The android phone system has this blocking feature turned on by default so you don’t see all

Truth Billboards • Banners For Truth
Banners4Freedom founders Robert and Jaime Agee discuss raising banners for truth with Robert Scott Bell / Kevin Hughes (Natural News) Robert and Jamie Agee, the founders of Banners4Freedom (B4F), joined Robert Scott Bell on his eponymous Brighteon.TV program to talk about their…

The Parasite Paradigm • So This Is Why They Censor IVERMECTIN / HQ And Push Insects As Food
Tap News / danceaway This is probably the key to everything. For the Vaxxed, for the Unvaxxed. Here is an explanation of the natural and synthetic parasites we are facing, and a guide to the three things you need to do to protect yourself and your family. I do not believe

Canada: Documents to Assist in Medical Situations • Vaccine Notice Of Liability
Liability notice medical liability-notice-medical.pdf432 KB download-circle Action4Canada / Jenny Documents to Assist in Medical Situations “Vaccine” Notice of Liability: Those Administering to the Public (including Minors)|This is an official and personal Notice of Liability to…